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Operation Imposing Law + Joke



Not Magritte related.

Last Thursday morning as I drove to work, I was listening to my morning NPR. On it, they were reporting that today in Baghdad Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki had vowed to crack down on sectarian violence in a new push simply entitled, "Operation Imposing Law."

Immediately, I laughed. Then I waited for someone to comment on the acronym of Operation Imposing Law. But no one did. I told a couple of people and then waited for the pundits to get vulture. NOTHING.  I looked through the papers, I waited for the comedians to go to task, and still almost a week later, I have heard nothing on the fact that the greatest euphemistic operation of recent time has been neglected. I've goggled it plus "joke." I even searched for it plus Jon Stewart. But why the silence?

Operation Imposing Law, OIL, this acronym is a mission that hopefully has gotten a chuckle from the grave of Joe Heller. It could be a great routine. Imagine - reporting back on the mission.

Well day one of OIL was the same as the last, slippery.

Back from the field, Operation Imposing Law was a total disaster..so on, beyond then some and some more.

Because in the same way that there is no way to escape a Catch 22, there is no way to escape the fact that even when we don't want to talk about it, those two vowels and a consonant are always somewhere together when we're discussing what is happening out of sight and in mind.

Now back to our regularly scheduled art. 



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