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Plates Part Deux (2)


Objet 3. Custom plate created late one night at Fred 62, Los Feliz, by a man known as Crazy Joey.

It's inevitable that you meet many strange people when you hang out at record stores, music studios and radio stations. For many years, these were my domains, and I enjoyed absorbing the rich comedies of larger than life music people and their hanger-ons. Initiated into the world of musical junkies, I came across many characters straight out of a pulp fiction novel or a Tarantino film.

The focal of my universe in these years was volunteering and working low paid odd jobs at an NPR station in Los Angeles. During many a late night, I would enjoy picking up the phone and talking to callers. Some would call in to ask specific questions about songs we played, others would call out of loneliness or boredom. While I worked on a music show, sometimes by the kind of calls we had, you would think it was a self-help line. Many of our callers were repeat. One of them, a friend of the DJ, always was making prank calls in which he'd mimic an old man and attempt to engage us first in a serious conversation that always turned to the absurd. He particularly enjoyed doing this with me, which at first, was somewhat amusing, but often became distracting and cumbersome because he didn't know when to stop. 

Out and about in the city, we'd run into this man from time to time. He always wore a fur cap no matter what the weather. On a number of occasions, I stole it from him and wore it around parties because it was a fabulous cap. Eventually he'd steal it back from me and then never let me get near it again, until inevitably I ran into him around and tried to grab it once more.

The man with the fur cap seemed to like the fact that his name to us was "Crazy Joey." My friends that didn't know him would always ask me, "Who is that?" especially when it was summer and he still wore his hat.

One night we were hanging out at my favorite place for Mac N'Cheese balls, Fred 62 on Vermont, when we ran into CJ. He was in a drawing mood, so took a paper plate and made me a memento. I don't think I've seen him since, but I held onto the plate. 

I've thought about throwing it out over the years, but have always resisted, out of mostly nostalgia for  this time and also because I always really liked art on paper plates. Today when I came across it in a box in the garage, I thought it the perfect object for day 3.





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