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Don't touch the vinyl



Today's New York Times features a tale of two turntables that transfer your vinyl into mp3s. Of course, the more aesthetically pleasing and audio phile one doesn't work with Macs. Instead, the review details how Mac users are restricted to the shiny Ion iTTUSb, a deck that looks like it was created to appeal to an aging trance fan who will wear his sunglasses as he converts records that should be melted quickly into mp3 format. I was always hopeful that one of the rare positives about the death of vinyl was that many of those simply rubbish records created throughout history and especially during the late 90s would languish and simply fade from memory.


I guess those product developers at Ion realized there was a market to keep these memories alive.  If they actually made a more aesthetically pleasing turntable that had a top to cover how ugly it is, perhaps I'd save my remarks.  But the lack of it just proves how flashy it is trying to be.  Then again, it seems apt that the Ion uses a software program called Audacity, because that is how I feel about the fact that so much energy will be spent preserving noxious tunes.

Rather I suggest perhaps Ion should just create a consumer version of the ultimate Objetsmart vinyl object: The ELP Laser turntable, a deck without a needle!

Simply, no needle, no wear.

Kind of like No Woman, No Cry.

Only problem is that the ELP costs $15,000.

Now that's audacious.




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