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Week of Magritte - Objetsmart Tribute

Yesterday's objet was an old newsreel for Salvador Dali's fundraiser for refugee artists. Dug up completely by accident, after going through 400+ clips on youtube, it was the winner.

But I cannot mention Dali without bringing up Magritte. I have been meaning to talk about Rene Magritte for the past few weeks, but have not been able to find the time to give the man justice. Magritte's neverending artistic quest to create extraordinary ideas from ordinary objects personally resonates. Whether he uses words to discount what is not there, or hides his subjects under cloth to disguise their identities, Magritte's visual world embellishes the often overlooked margins of the eye. He never asks us to close our eyes to imagine another realm, but simply suggests perhaps we simply need to refocus our gaze on what already exists.

Hence, as Magritte is a true inspiration for objetsmart, definitely being the godfather of the smart object and elevating the concept of this into art, I declare this week to be:



2nd survey.

By now if you've made it through the Nina Simone themed image retrospective, how about a short animated survey film on the painter. It can't be embedded so if you'd like to see it, you know what to do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qCVIelcIYE

As the week progresses, we'll see...what happens. (Now I'm starting to sound like Salvador. ) Feel free to share some of your Magritte links, images, videos, etc.

Also, highly recommend, the LACMA retrospective curated by one of my favorite contemporary artists, John Baldessari. As you walk on wall to wall clouds, you can look up to discover a ceiling of endless freeway interchanges, a true dream world of Los Angeles. The vast show not only surveys Magritte's great works (featuring pipes, trains, lovers and hats) but also features related contemporary art including a Jeff Koons lifeboat that at 2 tons is my kind of objet. Definitely worth checking out.



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