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More reflections during the PUP





Objet Chien - Daily Exercise Program for your Dog with "a trained athlete" 








As I've said before, I do enjoy walking around the city. For many years, I lived in areas without sidewalks, and had to walk in the street to travel. During this time, my family rescued a dog and she became the excuse to walk around the neighborhood.  There were no mail boxes or schools nearby.  It felt like living in a gated suburban community, but this was not the case. We were smack dab in the center of the city, yet nestled in the hills.  During our dog's daily walks, we'd fear for our lives everytime we heard a revving engine from a speeding car race over the speed bump down the empty block. We'd tug at the retractable leash and clench our teeth in anxiety.  Every once in a while when the neighbor's gathered, the hillside elders would discuss the lack of sidewalk situation. Yet everyone agreed it was good for one thing only: it kept away most solicitors.

Now, in Venice, I get Jehovah's Witnesses on a gulp weekly basis,  but I quite enjoy my reunion with cement, after so many years of asphalt, and it makes the previously unconscious period much more entertaining on a daily basis.

My walks have taken me beyond my neighborhood lately, and just the other day, falling off a pole was this flyer for a specialist in dog fitness.

I already had my coffee in hand, but I choked on some foam while tearing it off.

Over the years, our family dog has gotten fatter and fatter, and someone recently mentioned an "exercise regime" might be helpful, and we all laughed. As our dog is a dog, and perhaps it would be best if she ate less food?

I've read the card a number of times, and now made it anonymous, though I've found it quite ironic that for three consecutive days, some dog walker/owner has used my front lawn as a toilet and forgotten to flush. Perhaps this is my punishment for pulling the card off the pole. (Damn I'm being followed already!)

I still can't get my head around this. First, I really could care less if the person that walks my dog is a trained athlete or a stoned slacker needing some pocket cash. If my dog needed walking, my dog would need walking.

As i continue to read on, I imagine the assessment section. I begin to laugh just THINKING about the situation. Myself, smirking, my dog looking puzzled, while a stranger "assesses her condition" without bribes of human treats.  Would she bark for the first time in recent memory? Yes, she would probably bark. Loud.

I also feel that it's hard to comprehend enhancing "your dog's overall quality of life" when obviously anyone that picked up this card has a dog with a superior quality of life.  And is putting one's dog through a core training regiment a quality of life issue? What happened to the days of plain old dog walks, a tennis ball, a Sunday afternoon with a frisbee?  When did taking care of one's dog seem almost as complicated as preschool admission?

Oh, I forgot. I live in the Westside now and we got sidewalks.

Too bad the well-nourished pooch lives in the hills where she lazily roams the mostly quiet streets devoid of signs and signs of life, but for the occasional car speeding through en route to the world below, perhaps even  with an animal in tow late for their assessment appointment.




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