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Tea skincare - nature martyrs

 yerba mate

It used to be you are what you eat.

Now it's simply you are what you tone and moisturize. From caviar to rare, exotic fruit acids, fine food doesn't need to be consumed merely with a fork.

Yerba mate, the tea, that has created many a fan, is now multi-tasking into skincare and coming to you in a pump bottle - of lotion - courtesy of my favorite pharmacy, Kiehl's.

The timing is excellent for just the other day, A was discussing the trouble of dating a vegan in a meat world. I reminisced about my days dating a yerba matan vegan, an out of work actor that spent a good chunk of his day networking at the juice and coffee counter of Nature Mart on Hillhurst.  He was known as the "Nature Martyr" for his devoted affiliation to the store. He was so obsessed with the poetics of his yerba mate that he spent half his day biking across Hollywood just for his fix. Yerba mate was more than a drink, it was everything to him. If only the lotion had existed then, perhaps I would have understood? In any case, I left him for a Double Double animal style and a chocolate milk shake and never looked back.

Because I agree with A that it's hard to be with someone who thinks the In N' Out drive through is a crime against nature, even if he was a martyr.... 

What do you think?

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