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May 31, 2007

How About The Other 11 Months?

If May is "Drinking Water Month," then what may I ask is June?

According to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, the theme of the 22nd annual Drinking Water Month is simply "only tap water delivers."

So you have just one more day to tour the water works park treatment plan at 10100 E. Jefferson Avenue in downtown Detroit. Except "because of security concerns, tours are only available to school groups, professional and other organizations." 


Although the press release states that "requests for tours or speaking engagements are now being accepted. Presentations are tailored to the needs of the groups addressed and can include a range of information from unusual facts about drinking water, to specifics about careers in the drinking water industry." 

Careers in the drinking water industry sounds enticing. "Just drink tap!" I can already see my 3 syllables of fame. How objetsmart! 

Well, one fact we learned from our friends attending the DEMF music festival this weekend  is that "smart water" is not like real water. Don't be a dumb ass and drink smart water just because of the name. You don't want to get near that extra potassium on a hot spring day. Trust me on that one.







May 23, 2007

At Home She's A Travelist

Now that i'm back home on the Westside, I've begun to vary my early morning walks.  Today I walked the entire Playa del Rey peninsula then returned off the beaten path around the Marina. I ran into many strange signs and even spotted a pirate flag on a fence. I was about to photograph it until I realized it was outside of a sleeping man's camping grounds, so I shoved my phone in my pocket and hightailed it down the path. Nothing like fear to inspire core training.  Perhaps I should stay on the sidewalks...but like vacations, it's the spontaneity that keeps life fresh.

Since I've begun taking pictures on my walks, these excursions have transformed beyond repetitive exercise into individualized journey. I'm beginning to feel as if I'm on a dream vacation at home.

I hear the great words of the wise Mr. Sagdiyev echo during the walk. The man, known to most as Borat, repeats, “I like. I like.”



A collection of unique morning sights deilneates the inevitably blurring days.  Quintessential is a glimpse of a plane veering above the Pacific. I don't stand on the beach waiting to spot a plane, but inevitably I know it's a normal day when at some point during my walk, I look up and there it is! I gaze at modernity racing through the sky, I think of a shot from "La Jetee," I feel happiness.


It's the most gorgeous, mean-spirited sign I've ever seen. 


The duck poses well and I do not disturb because I have just been cautioned.


Happy Wednesday.


May 22, 2007

R is really for resistance

My R Key is still fighting me.

In honor of the R, or perhaps because I am having such trouble with this pesky letter, I have decided to write a story without it.


It is true.


A tale without the above: last Sunday in Beachwood, standing in line in front of a beautiful Dyan Cannon lookalike woman who stated about Jaime, my beloved sandwich man “The deli guy is so cute. He looks so young at 75. He tells me he’s been at this place since 1910!”
“1910? That would make him 97,” I said.
“Yes, it is 2007.”
“Oh...well getting old is just the same as being young, but opposite, you know? You get to a point and you lie about old age and people sympathize.”
She went on and on and all I could think was – in hollywood, some people can’t do basic math.
Now, I think – I just finished telling you something without using the damaged piece on the mac. Oh, we could live with just 25 in the alphabet!

May 21, 2007

Disposable toy cultures


While I'm all for celebrities building green houses, here's a cause I'd like to suggest: limit the manufacturing of non-bio-degradable and non-recyclable merchandise created around your media extravaganza. I understand that ancillary markets are the real cash cows of the entertainment industry, but when I see spectacles such as the above and below, I begin to wonder. I'm only suggesting a manufacturing limit.  If there's demand for said blockbuster action figure, let the secondary markets fight it out. If there's not, do we really need more merchandise like this in a 99 cent store?  Yes, Spidey like we've never seen him before - half off in just a few weeks. Even better, some merch has already arrived at my local 99.


I must admit however, that I would much rather witness children consuming Spiderman 3 paraphenalia then  what we noticed walking down the street yesterday. Now this is why you should teach your kids to pick up after themselves.


Yes...you've seen it correctly. 




I'd take Spidey 3 toys in a heartbeat over weapons. 


Hobbies in the HIlls

Yesterday, my friend Souris asked me what my favorite hobby was.

I have many, including this blog, but lately my main hobby has been walking. As I've just gotten a new phone, I've become quite fascinated by taking pictures on my walks. It's helping get me into the travel mind set for my new gig writing and it distracts me from the act of exercise, which I wish I enjoyed naturally more than I actually do.

So here are some photos from today's exploration of the hobby.

PlayhouseA playhouse I came across tucked off the street.


One of the many hidden staircases in the canyon.


A very silly sign.



Eastside stories

May 20, 2007

I Didn't Know Did You?

Who is John Galt? Sometimes in traffic, I find myself stuck behind people's cars wondering what compels them to put license plate holders ala this one.


According to wikipedia.... The enigmatic John Galt is the male hero of Atlas Shrugged, and typifies the Randian hero. By trade, he is an engineer, and has developed a revolutionary new motor powered by ambient static electricity that has the potential to change the world. However, in disgust at the collectivization forced upon him at his workplace at the Twentieth Century Motor Company, he goes on strike, depriving the world of his invaluable invention. To increase the impact, he persuades each individual of talent whom he considers to share his own ethical creed, to join him on strike, in a secret and secluded hiding place called Galt's Gulch. Amongst them are Francisco d'Anconia and Ragnar Danneskjöld, with whom he had studied at Patrick Henry University. At first, Dagny Taggart considered Galt to be a destructive force, and grants him the epithet 'the Destroyer'. However, when she is convinced of the futility of her own struggle, and the nobility of Galt's, and falls in love with him. John Galt's name is enshrined in the question "Who is John Galt?"


The phrase is used popularly as an expression of helplessness and despair at the sorry state of the world. The answer is expressed in a range of legends: none of which is entirely true, but all of which reflect an aspect of his achievements and labours.


 It seems quite ironic that it is on the back of a gas guzzling SUV.


May 19, 2007


The r key on my new computer has suddenly started acting up. Hence I find myself tying like I'm in some bad Monty Python skit. I need to be witing and suddenly it's quite impossible to wite vey well. I never knew this key would be such a vital pat of my witer's life. What is a wite without the lette r? if i pause and then wait a moment, sometimes the letter will wok. but most of the time, it simply does not. alas woe is me until tomoow. today my blog is eally going to be called objetsmat.

May 13, 2007

Joy to the Stick The Previews Fun!


Finally America has created a distinctive national concept to unite the captive film audience: a game.


One of my all-time favorite seminars at university was a history of audience participation throughout film history. It culminated in an ethnographic study of audience habits. At the time, I was traveling to Europe quite often, and my final paper coincided with a trip I was taking to France to cover a music festival. After four days in Bretagne, I made it back to Paris with my friend Eric and somehow convinced him to come with me to see a David Lynch film. Thank god it was VO. If only it had been "Mulholland Drive" then the paper would have been explosive. Instead this was the year of "The Straight Story," and while we were amused that we had seat service before the film to get refreshments, it wasn't nearly as thrilling the time I went to see Trainspotting in Paris, everyone tapped their feet to the beat and drank in the theatre. There was no "Lust for Life" going on, but it was still a wonderful film.  My professor liked to talk about audience participation in India where people sang along to the screen, or threw popcorn at it if they didn't like the film. Over the years, I've nearly forgotten about all the distinct national customs of international cinema, and rarely have given it a thought, until Monday night when I heard about Crowd Control. Finally America has created a distinctive national concept to unite the captive audience: a game.  The best part is: it's a low-fi game, akin to Pong. The audience becomes the joystick.  There's been lots written on it this week and I assure you, most of it is worth reading.  

While I haven't made it to the Bridge yet to experience this firsthand, since Monday, I've become addicted to the online version of it. The premise is simple. Using your paddle and right and left arrow keys, you ping colored bars that reveal msnbc.com headlines.  Uncover all the bars to get to the next level, while collecting headlines to earn extra lives. But there's more.  During the game, if you choose to pause, or after you've lost, you can read the stories from your winning headlines.  Buried in the headlines were stories of all ilk: news to sports, human interest to entertainment even travel stories. Simply playing gave me inspiration to read stories I never would have found. I just loved it. I don't know how the cinema version will be - but I'm still digesting the meaning of the online game.

It's available for you to try here.



Beyond Rugs & Drapes


Objetsmart Thrift. Matching Desert Porch Set - Priceless.

has spent ample time in desert thrift shops attempting to be visually inspired.

In recent time, OS has learned that it's not about actually buying cool stuff one finds at thrift stores, it's really about photographing it.

Here's one set that caught the flash. OS wonders what the wallpaper was in this room...

Share your favorite when the rug matches the drapes.



“Hollywood is a town where they honor their heroes by writing their names on the pavement to be walked on by fat people and peed on by dogs. It seemed like a great place to come and be ambitious.”


Banksy quoted in the May 14, 2007 issue of "The New Yorker."

I wanted to return to the scene of the crime, or rather comment on the large and rather interesting feature on Banksy, but you should just read it yourself.

If you're fascinated, as I've been, go check out his contemporaries, available at www.picturesonwalls.com


Tell me what you like,







May 09, 2007

Lil' is Big - Higher Powers Love Hot Dogs?

lil bush family



Amp'd Mobile | Promotions | Lil' Bush

Lil Bush

Objetsmart May 07. Lil' Bush teaser episodes.

Courtesy of the DRE/PKE collective.

So many excellent quotes from this new series detailing the younger lives of the "fabulous four."If you have fifteen minutes to spare, watch all three. They're rather funny and a wee bit cruel. If you don't have the time to spare, here's an episode breakdown.

Episode 1: Lil's love of hot dogs and the means to get some via torture. Love how he calls his driver, "bussie."

Episode 2: Take your kids to work and see them play war. Don't you mess with his mp3 player...

Episode 3: Let's simplify religion...10 commandments, how about 6?

Barbara Bush comes off as a saint, and what they do to Jeb had me giggling...


What's your thoughts?  


May 08, 2007

CSI:La Quinta

DSC_0006.JPG Objetsmart April 2007. La Quinta Resort Pool around 4pm, Thursday evening.

Objetsmart has been on a bit of an April holiday, but now returns with some photos of recent adventures.

Destination: La Quinta, California, a few weeks before the Coachella festival. A lovely resort full of more outdoor activities than one can fathom in 90+ degree weather. Coated from head to baby toe in protective lotion, Objetsmart with her companion played many vicious games of Yahtzee, ate lots of dolce de leche ice cream and practiced pitching tips in the pool.

One evening, Objetsmart returned from afternoon cocktails to find herself in the midst of a crime scene after being told a member of her party had reported they had spotted suspicious activity in the pool. A phone call later, the pool was evacuated and it was reported that a child was the culprit: they had committed number 2.

Thank god La Quinta has 40 other pools open daily until at least 8pm. poolpoop.jpg