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Disposable toy cultures


While I'm all for celebrities building green houses, here's a cause I'd like to suggest: limit the manufacturing of non-bio-degradable and non-recyclable merchandise created around your media extravaganza. I understand that ancillary markets are the real cash cows of the entertainment industry, but when I see spectacles such as the above and below, I begin to wonder. I'm only suggesting a manufacturing limit.  If there's demand for said blockbuster action figure, let the secondary markets fight it out. If there's not, do we really need more merchandise like this in a 99 cent store?  Yes, Spidey like we've never seen him before - half off in just a few weeks. Even better, some merch has already arrived at my local 99.


I must admit however, that I would much rather witness children consuming Spiderman 3 paraphenalia then  what we noticed walking down the street yesterday. Now this is why you should teach your kids to pick up after themselves.


Yes...you've seen it correctly. 




I'd take Spidey 3 toys in a heartbeat over weapons. 



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