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CSI:La Quinta

Objetsmart April 2007. La Quinta Resort Pool around 4pm, Thursday evening.

Objetsmart has been on a bit of an April holiday, but now returns with some photos of recent adventures.

Destination: La Quinta, California, a few weeks before the Coachella festival. A lovely resort full of more outdoor activities than one can fathom in 90+ degree weather. Coated from head to baby toe in protective lotion, Objetsmart with her companion played many vicious games of Yahtzee, ate lots of dolce de leche ice cream and practiced pitching tips in the pool.

One evening, Objetsmart returned from afternoon cocktails to find herself in the midst of a crime scene after being told a member of her party had reported they had spotted suspicious activity in the pool. A phone call later, the pool was evacuated and it was reported that a child was the culprit: they had committed number 2.

Thank god La Quinta has 40 other pools open daily until at least 8pm. poolpoop.jpg


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