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How About The Other 11 Months?

If May is "Drinking Water Month," then what may I ask is June?

According to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, the theme of the 22nd annual Drinking Water Month is simply "only tap water delivers."

So you have just one more day to tour the water works park treatment plan at 10100 E. Jefferson Avenue in downtown Detroit. Except "because of security concerns, tours are only available to school groups, professional and other organizations." 


Although the press release states that "requests for tours or speaking engagements are now being accepted. Presentations are tailored to the needs of the groups addressed and can include a range of information from unusual facts about drinking water, to specifics about careers in the drinking water industry." 

Careers in the drinking water industry sounds enticing. "Just drink tap!" I can already see my 3 syllables of fame. How objetsmart! 

Well, one fact we learned from our friends attending the DEMF music festival this weekend  is that "smart water" is not like real water. Don't be a dumb ass and drink smart water just because of the name. You don't want to get near that extra potassium on a hot spring day. Trust me on that one.








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