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Lil' is Big - Higher Powers Love Hot Dogs?

lil bush family



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Lil Bush

Objetsmart May 07. Lil' Bush teaser episodes.

Courtesy of the DRE/PKE collective.

So many excellent quotes from this new series detailing the younger lives of the "fabulous four."If you have fifteen minutes to spare, watch all three. They're rather funny and a wee bit cruel. If you don't have the time to spare, here's an episode breakdown.

Episode 1: Lil's love of hot dogs and the means to get some via torture. Love how he calls his driver, "bussie."

Episode 2: Take your kids to work and see them play war. Don't you mess with his mp3 player...

Episode 3: Let's simplify religion...10 commandments, how about 6?

Barbara Bush comes off as a saint, and what they do to Jeb had me giggling...


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