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R is really for resistance

My R Key is still fighting me.

In honor of the R, or perhaps because I am having such trouble with this pesky letter, I have decided to write a story without it.


It is true.


A tale without the above: last Sunday in Beachwood, standing in line in front of a beautiful Dyan Cannon lookalike woman who stated about Jaime, my beloved sandwich man “The deli guy is so cute. He looks so young at 75. He tells me he’s been at this place since 1910!”
“1910? That would make him 97,” I said.
“Yes, it is 2007.”
“Oh...well getting old is just the same as being young, but opposite, you know? You get to a point and you lie about old age and people sympathize.”
She went on and on and all I could think was – in hollywood, some people can’t do basic math.
Now, I think – I just finished telling you something without using the damaged piece on the mac. Oh, we could live with just 25 in the alphabet!


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