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At Home She's A Travelist

Now that i'm back home on the Westside, I've begun to vary my early morning walks.  Today I walked the entire Playa del Rey peninsula then returned off the beaten path around the Marina. I ran into many strange signs and even spotted a pirate flag on a fence. I was about to photograph it until I realized it was outside of a sleeping man's camping grounds, so I shoved my phone in my pocket and hightailed it down the path. Nothing like fear to inspire core training.  Perhaps I should stay on the sidewalks...but like vacations, it's the spontaneity that keeps life fresh.

Since I've begun taking pictures on my walks, these excursions have transformed beyond repetitive exercise into individualized journey. I'm beginning to feel as if I'm on a dream vacation at home.

I hear the great words of the wise Mr. Sagdiyev echo during the walk. The man, known to most as Borat, repeats, “I like. I like.”



A collection of unique morning sights deilneates the inevitably blurring days.  Quintessential is a glimpse of a plane veering above the Pacific. I don't stand on the beach waiting to spot a plane, but inevitably I know it's a normal day when at some point during my walk, I look up and there it is! I gaze at modernity racing through the sky, I think of a shot from "La Jetee," I feel happiness.


It's the most gorgeous, mean-spirited sign I've ever seen. 


The duck poses well and I do not disturb because I have just been cautioned.


Happy Wednesday.



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