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June 28, 2007

Keith Haring Shoes Video

I am often filled with delight when I get immersed in browsing through user generated content. I discovered this today three links into a homemade film of a Comme des Garcons pop-up store opening. But it's this that I found to be of better note.


Leslie Feist, I Owe You a Dollar



For several weeks I keep hearing an explosive electro remix of Feist's "My Moon My Man." With cut up vocoder, it's as if Leslie is having a duet with a computer that will only argue "My Moon My Man" in stubborn various octaves.  It's simply great.

I've loved Leslie Feist since the first time I heard her sing. It was live at the end of a Kings of Convenience show on a duet with Erlend Oye. The song entitled, "The Break Up" was harrowing, poetic, glorious. Her voice made me shiver. At the end of the gig, Erlend announced she would be playing the next night for an industry showcase. The set was at 6pm. I left work early to go alone. 

Probably almost more than anything in life, I absolutely hate going to shows alone. Up there with that peeve, I also hate going to indoor gigs during sunny, warm days. But I had a feeling years later, I would marvel at this experience. I just had a feeling.

And for once, perhaps I was right.  Live, playing in a half empty room, she was the most refreshing musical presence I had seen live in a while, a ball of melody who knew how to play and sing. It was as if music ran through her, there was no hesitation in her performance. She was possessed. She was meant to be on stage performing.  Watching artists nail shows like she did that afternoon is rare, refreshing and frankly inspiring. 

Since then, I've watched and listened to everything she does with a special interest. I wish more artists were like Feist for she provided the transcendence I expect from artists. For a good thirty minutes, I completely forgot about life.

So to say the least, I'd like to support her work. I'd like to support the remixing efforts of new producers such as Boys Noize. I tried buying it on Itunes. It wasn't available.  You can stream it here, but who wants to stream something when all you want to do is listen to it on repeat? When you want to listen to it walking down the street or in your car? Streaming doesn't suffice.

It's been several months since Pitchfork wrote about it, but you can't buy it digitally easily. It should be on Itunes. You can't buy it on Amazon. Why not? So I made the executive decision to see how long it would take me to download it illegally.

So I went to hype machine and in 2 seconds, I found where I could download it. So I did.

2 seconds.

Someone really should have sorted out the digital release of this. 

Next time, I see Leslie Feist I think I'm going to have to give her a dollar.

In the meantime, I've got a hot new remix for dream alouding.  

Jphone doesn't work on Shabbos

It's been quite a camp week in the City of Angels with people pitching their tents for a glimpse of Paris, a listen of Paul and the satisfaction of being the first to own an Iphone.

So just to keep our obsessions in perspective, take a look at the Jphone. It reminds me a lot of talking to my grandpa, except it would be Bombay instead of Schnapps.



June 22, 2007

Me Me Mittoo - It's Friday


It's Friday, which means it's time for something special.

Something Mittoo.

Here's something from one of my favorite singers, one of those men whose voice manages to be even bigger than his hair: Jackie Mittoo.

Download "Soul Bird" (mp3)
from "Wishbone"
by Jackie Mittoo
Light In The Attic

More On This Album

June 21, 2007

Lost Gems 3 - More Cowbell Please - Kerri Chandler's

Bar A Thym / Sunshine & Twilight

Oh, how excited am I to discover that one of my favorite tracks in the past few years, the cowbell scorching dancefloor shaker, A Bar A Thym is promo net available.

Definitely a track that bridged the deep house I was obsessed with in the late 90s with the future of minimal/tech house currently driving everyone insane. This has always been one of those love at first hear tunes, and when it first came out, we used to sit on the side of the dancefloor and wonder at what point during the set, people would drop it...it didn't matter because it always made the dancefloor freak out. I love those freak out tunes, the ones where enthusiasts bust a move special for it.

Just one of those winners. From start to finish, this one will be getting played in 30 years when I'll be rocking it with my prosthetic knees, hips and arse. 

Download "Bar A Thym" (mp3)
from "Bar A Thym / Sunshine & Twilight"
by Kerri Chandler
Nite Grooves

More On This Album

Kuti Family Continued - Seun Kuti

Think Africa / Na Oil - Single

Download "Think Africa" (mp3)
from "Think Africa / Na Oil - Single"
by Seun Kuti & Fela 's Egypt 80
Société GENERAL PATTERN - Studio 4

    More On This Album

    You may be familiar with Femi, one of Fela's sons, but another, Seun is following in his father's footsteps and continuing the Kuti tradition of using joyous music as a means to express the need for social change in Nigeria.

    For more on Seun, check out this interview from a few years back.

    But in the meantime, give a listen to the radio edit of his new single. I quite like that you can download the radio edit as with all Afrobeat, you don't get the full essence unless you hear the full length version, but this is enough to whet your appetite.



    June 20, 2007

    Thou Shall Not Leak - With Prizes

    No, I'm not making a joke about the new OTC diet drug, Alli, but rather an acquaintance's blog entitled, "Thou Shall Not Leak" that promises to out music leakers.

    What is a music leaker you may ask? Someone that the music literally runs through? Well, not exactly, but rather said promo person that manages to post online songs or the entire record of an artist before release date. Hence, not only is the copyrighted music now out in the wild, wild west of the net, no one that wants to buy it can, as it has not yet been made available physically in brick and mortal (retail stores) or on digital services such as Itunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Beatport, etc.  If you really want to screw the last year or two of an artist's life, here's a really easy way to do it. I wonder if there are any vicious exes out there that are behind leaks...or if it's a lot of people that don't realize that their computers are being hacked...

    In any event, check out and bookmark THOU SHALL NOT LEAK.  

    Finally someone getting all medieval on those leakers...how long will this take to make it to the mainstream?

    Bets are on: moi@objetsmart.com

    Winner gets a leak proof prize... 

    June 12, 2007

    Entourage - the Pizza Box - Extra Sausage?

    I was over at my friend's house last night who had this box on top of his microwave. Yes, the custom branded Entourage pizza box. Surprised there wasn't an "extra sausage" box considering it is about guys and Hollywood. Now if this doesn't make me order cable, I don't know what will.


    Really what have we come to when we're advertising premium cable channels on pizza boxes? Isn't it a given that anyone lazy enough to order Dominos probably already has more than basic?



    June 08, 2007

    Happy Stuff - Theo Parrish Live Video

    Ok, that Billboard thing was yucky. That's not what music or objetsmart is supposed to be about.

    But this is.

    Now this is the joy of music. The-O! The-O! Start the weekend of an up note Loletta style


    Marketing Mess of the Day. Billboard Blogging?

    This is music journalism? Texting reviews from your LG phone? Please! Can't people put down technology and just listen to some music?

    I don't know what's more offensive - the audition process or the pitcher in the Billboard shirt? If someone could text in her voice, it would be "like, oh my god, Valley Girl is so 1984 and like oh my god, that band is so rad!!!!"

    I think I feel really ill and trust me, I haven't been drinking any Vitamin Energy drink today.


    Online Videos by Veoh.com

    From Safety to...Trainers? NB does Joy Divison


    Joy Divison trainers available from New Balance.

    Gawker snatched the best headline first as when I first heard about the Joy Division trainer based on the art from their "Unknown Pleasures" record, I wanted to sing, "Trainers will Tear Us Apart Again," but they wrote the headline, "Shoes Will Tear Us Apart..."  I mean what insoles! 

    You know I mean what sole mates..but I prefer "what insoles" - it almost sounds like an insult.

    But with the album number, Factory 10 on the back replacing the NB logo, I'm almost insulted. Just almost.

    But considering I stomp around sulking in my navy New Balances most days listening to Joy Division, I thought it was a proper tribute to showcase this.  I mean now with the 33 1/3 book and the NB trainers, perhaps some dude will have a Halloween costume.  Perhpas this will be the inspiration for all of us to dress up as living versions of our favorite album art.  I could just wear some red velvet then this year.

    While you're thinking about it, why don't you listen to some JD to get into the mood. 

    Red velvet is much easier than spray painting green stripes to be Kraftwerk. But still more fun holding pocket calculators and everyone thinking you're a member of the Blue Man Group. Though I think I want us to be Model 500 this year in tribute to their storming DEMF performance. 



    Friday Afternoon is Underground Resistance


    Underground Resistance has finally released much of their catalog digitally. What a treat this is - I'm so loving the fact that those coveted 12s are now downloadable legally. For a taste of this Detroit crew, check out a track I've just discovered, Aguilla.

    Listening to this after listening to Fela, I'm hearing the connection between two acts I really love. It's all in the drums (and machines).


    Download "Aguilla" (mp3)
    from "Aguila"
    by Underground Resistance
    Underground Resistance

    More On This Album

    Friday Is My First Fela Day

    The Underground Spiritual Game

    Going back a couple of years to a delectable mix put out on Quannum Projects of the late, great Fela Kuti compiled and mixed by Blackalicious' Chief Xcel.

    It's yummy. I've been a big fan of Fela's every since I got into a bizarre car accident at 3am and escaped unscathed. Going over to my friend's house who was the ultimate Fela fanatic, he played me a record and it was in that strange life moment of feeling like the luckiest person in the world that I experienced Fela for the first time. This was the music I heard that made me joyous to be alive.

    This was many years ago, but I still feel a sense of relief and excitement whenever I put on these records. They're just so damn funky.




    Download "Monkey Banana" (mp3)
    from "The Underground Spiritual Game"
    by Fela Kuti
    Quannum Projects

    More On This Album

    June 07, 2007

    Discovered Gems 02 - Plej

    Keeping the mood going - here's a slice from a couple years back from Plej out of Gothenburg, Sweden. A bunch of their original 12s I bought when I was living in London and I still really dig their wonderful space jazz. I think I may just have to write to this one song all afternoon. But the whole record is tight; excellent soulful stuff, it's got the goods.

    What are your favorite songs to write to?

    Email or post moi@objetsmart.com 

    Electronic Music From The Swedish Leftcoast

    Download "Lay of the Land" (mp3)
    from "Electronic Music From The Swedish Leftcoast"
    by Plej
    Exceptional Records

    More On This Album

    The Lost Remixes Collection 2

    Get Up Man

    Damn this track is still so tight. Stands the test of time and gets chosen as one from the vaults of lost remixes to be highlighted. Numero #2.

    Everyone's always telling me to relax, but I just want to say, "Get Uptight! Get Uptight!"

    Slow, subtle and sexy sexy. Go Rodney Rodney, Mr. Hunter.

    Download "Get Uptight Man" (mp3)
    from "Get Up Man"
    by Uptight
    G-Stone Recordings

    More On This Album

    June 06, 2007

    The Lost Remixes Collection on objetsmart

    Moving On Remixed

    The Knife redo a quintessential song from my life, Hird's "Keep You Kimi" featuring the luscious vocals of often Koop songstress, Yukimi Nagano, slowed down to sex changing speed. Yes, if you're expecting to listen to the enthusiastic jazz delight of Ms. Nagano, it ain't happening on this remix. The Knife's version is a radical change from the original, one of those feel good pinch yourself it's summer anthems that spent much time on repeat and is worth a download.

    Nonetheless, my favorite remixes are those that share little from the original; that make you question how a producer retells a story that's already been successfully shared.  Too often we forget that remixes are not covers, nor should they ever be.

    This particular record exists in radio space; driving in the car in the dark alone, thinking about everything and nothing at all. This is what I hear.  


    Moving On Remixed

    Download "Keep You Kimi" (mp3)
    from "Moving On Remixed"
    by Hird
    DNM - Dealers of Nordic Music

    More On This Album


    I've been wanting to start a musical element to objetsmart for quite some time, but now have the resources to do this properly.


    So this will be the first in a series of forgotten remixes and interpretations of songs I've loved.


    Enjoy and share yours!




    Olympic Logo Protest Films (2012) Saved by the....

    Just a few days ago, the 2012 Olympic logo for the London Games was unveiled. And it sure was ugly.

    What it reminds me of (in no particular order) -

    1. A short man holding a machine gun in the shape of an arrow with six circles as his beard.

    2. My bad attempt at origami in the 2nd grade.

    3. What Play-Duh looks like after it has been used too many times.

    4. A very uncomfortable and overpriced multi-colored chair that one would expect to find at a post-production facility waiting room.  

    5. Someone playing guitar and blowing on a harmonica simultaneously. 

    6. Aline says - NU RAVE.

    7. Others say: SAVED BY THE BELL...haha. 

    What does it remind you of? More on this developing story in the extended entry.  


    Yes, the nu rave 2012 Olympics will be taking place in London....

    While the design police have been out in full force, it's taken an epileptic fit to get it revoked.

    Nationalist designs shouldn't be harmful to anyone's health...and viewers have taken to their cameras to create films of protest.

    Well, here's a selection of 2012 logo protest films including the Saved by the Bell and Saved by the Rave mashups...


    Betty Betty Betty

    Objetsmart Music 1

    They Say I'm Different

    Betty Davis. It's been a while since I've written about music, but the time has come to introduce yet another facet of objetsmart - the musical musings section, aka ADDICTED!

    Last Wednesday, the Light in the Attic crew came down to LA to share some of their releases and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple Betty Davis records. Yes, one of Miles' wives, these albums are scorching soul rock with Sly and Family Stone's backing band pumping the electric funk. I've been listening to them for writing inspiration and it is working!

    Simply here's freshly sounding charisma for your summer day. Also, because thanks to Marisol at IODA, downloading this track is legal, go go gadget!



    Download "He Was a Big Freak" (mp3)
    from "They Say I'm Different"
    by Betty Davis
    Light In The Attic

    More On This Album

    June 05, 2007

    Do Somebody Say Calamari?

    All three new Iphone spots are out with the same song - quirky and charming and ready for Jon Stewart's producers to take a stab at spoofing.

    Out of the three, now all available for viewing on http://www.apple.com this one is by far my favorite. Made me smile. Made me covet one. Even if I just got a new Pearl two weeks ago. It makes my phone look positively medieval.

    See all three together below on this compilation video.

    June 04, 2007

    Fight the Sesame Power

    The truly wonderful Boing Boing mentions the very funny "Do the Right Thing" video using Sesame Street characters currently tearing it up over at Youtube.

    Worth watching just for hearing, "You Muppets just go lying about the street counting and adding up letters."  Grouch going off on Snuffy, and Count informing us that today's letters are "F and U."


    Diamonds are Forever - Hirst stylee

    The British artist, Damien Hirst, has unveiled his newest creation at the White Cube Gallery in London.

    Say what you want about Hirst, but he does single-handedly possess gumption, chutzpah and every aspect of most Yiddish words my grandmother would mutter under her breath when she was flabbergasted.  From his dismembered animals of yesteryear to his now truly immortal head, here's an artist that is obsessed with the afterlife of the physical world.



    You Can't Keep a Good Horse Down

    Continuing the detection of the Beachwood Canyon revolving erection, Oh Olivia returns with a new hack.

    Proving in Hollywood, you can't keep a good horse down.

    Love the side view. Quite titillating.