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From Safety to...Trainers? NB does Joy Divison


Joy Divison trainers available from New Balance.

Gawker snatched the best headline first as when I first heard about the Joy Division trainer based on the art from their "Unknown Pleasures" record, I wanted to sing, "Trainers will Tear Us Apart Again," but they wrote the headline, "Shoes Will Tear Us Apart..."  I mean what insoles! 

You know I mean what sole mates..but I prefer "what insoles" - it almost sounds like an insult.

But with the album number, Factory 10 on the back replacing the NB logo, I'm almost insulted. Just almost.

But considering I stomp around sulking in my navy New Balances most days listening to Joy Division, I thought it was a proper tribute to showcase this.  I mean now with the 33 1/3 book and the NB trainers, perhaps some dude will have a Halloween costume.  Perhpas this will be the inspiration for all of us to dress up as living versions of our favorite album art.  I could just wear some red velvet then this year.

While you're thinking about it, why don't you listen to some JD to get into the mood. 

Red velvet is much easier than spray painting green stripes to be Kraftwerk. But still more fun holding pocket calculators and everyone thinking you're a member of the Blue Man Group. Though I think I want us to be Model 500 this year in tribute to their storming DEMF performance. 




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