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Kuti Family Continued - Seun Kuti

Think Africa / Na Oil - Single

Download "Think Africa" (mp3)
from "Think Africa / Na Oil - Single"
by Seun Kuti & Fela 's Egypt 80
Société GENERAL PATTERN - Studio 4

    More On This Album

    You may be familiar with Femi, one of Fela's sons, but another, Seun is following in his father's footsteps and continuing the Kuti tradition of using joyous music as a means to express the need for social change in Nigeria.

    For more on Seun, check out this interview from a few years back.

    But in the meantime, give a listen to the radio edit of his new single. I quite like that you can download the radio edit as with all Afrobeat, you don't get the full essence unless you hear the full length version, but this is enough to whet your appetite.




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