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Leslie Feist, I Owe You a Dollar



For several weeks I keep hearing an explosive electro remix of Feist's "My Moon My Man." With cut up vocoder, it's as if Leslie is having a duet with a computer that will only argue "My Moon My Man" in stubborn various octaves.  It's simply great.

I've loved Leslie Feist since the first time I heard her sing. It was live at the end of a Kings of Convenience show on a duet with Erlend Oye. The song entitled, "The Break Up" was harrowing, poetic, glorious. Her voice made me shiver. At the end of the gig, Erlend announced she would be playing the next night for an industry showcase. The set was at 6pm. I left work early to go alone. 

Probably almost more than anything in life, I absolutely hate going to shows alone. Up there with that peeve, I also hate going to indoor gigs during sunny, warm days. But I had a feeling years later, I would marvel at this experience. I just had a feeling.

And for once, perhaps I was right.  Live, playing in a half empty room, she was the most refreshing musical presence I had seen live in a while, a ball of melody who knew how to play and sing. It was as if music ran through her, there was no hesitation in her performance. She was possessed. She was meant to be on stage performing.  Watching artists nail shows like she did that afternoon is rare, refreshing and frankly inspiring. 

Since then, I've watched and listened to everything she does with a special interest. I wish more artists were like Feist for she provided the transcendence I expect from artists. For a good thirty minutes, I completely forgot about life.

So to say the least, I'd like to support her work. I'd like to support the remixing efforts of new producers such as Boys Noize. I tried buying it on Itunes. It wasn't available.  You can stream it here, but who wants to stream something when all you want to do is listen to it on repeat? When you want to listen to it walking down the street or in your car? Streaming doesn't suffice.

It's been several months since Pitchfork wrote about it, but you can't buy it digitally easily. It should be on Itunes. You can't buy it on Amazon. Why not? So I made the executive decision to see how long it would take me to download it illegally.

So I went to hype machine and in 2 seconds, I found where I could download it. So I did.

2 seconds.

Someone really should have sorted out the digital release of this. 

Next time, I see Leslie Feist I think I'm going to have to give her a dollar.

In the meantime, I've got a hot new remix for dream alouding.  


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