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Lost Gems 3 - More Cowbell Please - Kerri Chandler's

Bar A Thym / Sunshine & Twilight

Oh, how excited am I to discover that one of my favorite tracks in the past few years, the cowbell scorching dancefloor shaker, A Bar A Thym is promo net available.

Definitely a track that bridged the deep house I was obsessed with in the late 90s with the future of minimal/tech house currently driving everyone insane. This has always been one of those love at first hear tunes, and when it first came out, we used to sit on the side of the dancefloor and wonder at what point during the set, people would drop it...it didn't matter because it always made the dancefloor freak out. I love those freak out tunes, the ones where enthusiasts bust a move special for it.

Just one of those winners. From start to finish, this one will be getting played in 30 years when I'll be rocking it with my prosthetic knees, hips and arse. 

Download "Bar A Thym" (mp3)
from "Bar A Thym / Sunshine & Twilight"
by Kerri Chandler
Nite Grooves

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