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The Lost Remixes Collection on objetsmart

Moving On Remixed

The Knife redo a quintessential song from my life, Hird's "Keep You Kimi" featuring the luscious vocals of often Koop songstress, Yukimi Nagano, slowed down to sex changing speed. Yes, if you're expecting to listen to the enthusiastic jazz delight of Ms. Nagano, it ain't happening on this remix. The Knife's version is a radical change from the original, one of those feel good pinch yourself it's summer anthems that spent much time on repeat and is worth a download.

Nonetheless, my favorite remixes are those that share little from the original; that make you question how a producer retells a story that's already been successfully shared.  Too often we forget that remixes are not covers, nor should they ever be.

This particular record exists in radio space; driving in the car in the dark alone, thinking about everything and nothing at all. This is what I hear.  


Moving On Remixed

Download "Keep You Kimi" (mp3)
from "Moving On Remixed"
by Hird
DNM - Dealers of Nordic Music

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I've been wanting to start a musical element to objetsmart for quite some time, but now have the resources to do this properly.


So this will be the first in a series of forgotten remixes and interpretations of songs I've loved.


Enjoy and share yours!





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