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777-9311 is my phone number of choice

Mark and I were talking about my Morris Day and the Time obsession late last night/early this morning driving back home. When he was staying at my house last year, I was deep into the Time. I mean I listened to this record about twice a day for months. How did this happen? Well, a few years ago, I was record shopping and realized just how underappreciated Morris Day was, and how I needed to listen to more of his work. I would always find his records at thrift stores and thought - this has got to be a funky record. Then I heard it and loved it. So I started buying up multiple couples. And it worked well with all my Moodymann/Theo Parrish records.

When I first started buying MDATT tunes, I knew that Prince had worked with him, but didn't realize that Prince had written most of his songs. Yet it didn't matter who wrote these songs, they just spoke to me, they were funky and raw, with candid lyrics about hooking up that made me want to hook up. Something about listening to the music made me feel incredible. I could turn on 777-9311 and the world would seem better. I could listen to Gigolos Get Lonely Too and feel enlightened. if I was in a bad mood, this record made it evaporate. No one ever told me to like this record, I just stumbled upon it and fell in love myself This was an album about discovery to me, and it was my duty to share this lost gem. The album became such an anthem in my dining room eventually everyone started teasing me when I asked if they wanted to come over to play some records. "Well, only if you don't play anymore Morris Day and the Time!"

In any event, it's holy stuff to me.

The beloved track to me is "777-9311." Seems I always thought I was the only one that liked the song. And I was wrong. You can even see a big band version of it. (too bad the embedding has been disabled.)

In any event, I've never seen my close musical pal, but good ole MD is playing at Sunset Junction next month and I'm so excited.

In the meantime, check out the reason why this record was on turntable 1 most of last year.

I so wish my phone number was 777-9311. Even Dick Clark was curious. Now if only I could move my hips like Morris.


777-9311 LIVE IN JAPAN

And another song, this one is Mark's favorite.


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