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Beyond the Weather, David Lynch's Coffee

I'm in the midst of writing a piece on my favorite weatherman David Lynch and his upcoming appearance at The Hammer. It's going to be a night of Lynchian proportions with a screening of Inland Empire, and a live performance of Polish jazz with Marek Zebrowski. For such serious artistic times, there will even be the ultimate fix: David Lynch coffee.

You may have read that last phrase twice. I did the first time I saw it. David Lynch coffee?
Yes, David Lynch Coffee.
The man, the myth, the film director that obsessed my teenage life has a coffee brand. And it's organic.
Now, that's targeting a demographic. One thing is for certain for most DL fans. They're not the decaffeinated types.

In browsing through the complicated flow chart that is the various blends, I became curious if there was something on youtube about this.

Ding a ling!

Here's my favorites:

Now drink some more!


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