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My Travel Widgets.

Objetsmart comes from a family of travel enthusiasts. Yet one thing everyone shares in common is their multi-generational disability to PLAN and pack. Perhaps it is sheer genetic disorganization, but through many decades of attempting to travel with them, one thing is certain, no one has really grasped the concept of timing for trips and then understood simple things like WEATHER and how to make to do lists before having to sumo wrestle the suitcase.

Technology may have finally saved us. There's now an answer to our misery. The WIDGET. Yes, my favorite student travel company, STA, once employer to my parents about 35 years ago, has come up with an answer. Not just one widget, but multiple widgets!

I'm going to share with you some of my favorites as they pertain to my grown-up life.
First, the above...THE countdown. Perhaps if everyone in my family visually obsessed over the timing of our next vacation, this would trigger inspiration to organization.

Then, we plot WEATHER. What a cool function. Compare your weather! I know there's a weather section in every paper and our family subscribed to three, but it never meant we read any of the weather sections! As I do remember packing shorts during blizzards and wool during heat waves. The good part was that everyone in the blood line are maximalists, so if we were visiting family, there was always others clothes to wear! But when on holiday in a foreign country, where it rains all the time and you only pack one pair of closed toe shoes and they are canvas, this could really come in handy. That was the trip I realized, I was a fashion victim.

But most importanty, there's the packing to do list widget (pictured below). Perhaps this will stop the sibling from forgetting deodorant while they were opting instead to shove multiple Xbox Madden Games and 40 packs of gum into ridiculously bling duffles. Perhaps this will encourage the older folks to leave all those shampoo samples behind because writing take 12 bottles of shampoo sounds absurd. Perhaps this will even get Objetsmart to pack less and with more organization.
Perhaps. Perhaps.

Because OS can always dream, can't she?



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