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Don't Be A Sycophant - But Make A Tribute Video

Someone that loves this song even more than I do made their own video of this Long Blondes track I first heard but an hour ago. I was driving though Venice, heart pounding after a workout when I heard the whisper, "People think I'm being perverse on purpose," and I began to laugh. And I fell in love. Hook, hook, hook.

"Fulwood Babylon" is absolutely catchy pop, and I love my ACP. This video for it is simple, and very self-reflexive and something done for absolutely no money. This always receives a big big big thumbs up.

For me, video has always been the democratic leveler of culture. This is the plot of evening culture when anyone can make their own video to their favorite song.

It is this simple inventiveness that i've been waiting for a long time.

People think I'm being perverse on purpose, people think I'm being perverse on purpose....

What a song - my favorite parts:

You were there to fill my time
It was dark (but you)
But you had nice eyes.
I wasn't too impressed
You hadn't told me anything
Anything amusing yet.

Don't be a sycophant and don't try to hold my hand
If you don't plan to be around five minutes later,
Don't be a sycophant and don't try to hold my hand
And don't just say the things that you think I want to hear.

It's hard enough getting someone to like you
And then you find out that they're nothing like you
And it's been a waste of time.

"Girls fantasise on school trips to galleries
Of men who don't meet their parents' expectations
Who want to introduce them to illicit Russ Meyer films,
And dance 'til dawn to old Kinks records.
These are the things you don't understand
Quarter to ten, you're wasting your time
If you want to know me, watch how I dance."

Nuff said...Russ Meyer, old Kinks records, these are my kind of folks.


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