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Mapping is the New Scrapbooking


I'm intrigued with mapping. Yes, you heard me right: mapping. Especially the way certain digital mapping sites, like wayfaring, are customizing google maps to enhance and personalize the experience. Could the concept of digital mapping usurp the reign of analog scrapbooking? Is this the future cult we are all converting to as a new way of retrieving memories?

I like this, as personally I'm not that talented with an exacto knife, and always feel like a freak when I'm showing my collection of my own scrapbooks and other found ones to my friends. Digital mapping allows us to cultivate these fantasies of travel and fill them with pictures and stories, but in a cleaner, and not decaying interface. As I go through others maps, there's something warm and intriguing about looking through others journeys and why they have tagged them so.

If only the interface wasn't so cumbersome. In any event, while mapping may get bigger, I don't think they'll be getting Miss Teen South Carolina to be hawking any of their services soon.

At least, I hope not.


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