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September 30, 2007

The Dual Mashup

It's wonderful! Cheers Mr. Scrabulous.

September 21, 2007

What Really Should Have Opened the VMAs

Why can't we think outside Vegas for once? This is what I'd much rather have seen the night of Britney's fiasco.

Body Moving

Action sequences are the best when body is moving....

September 18, 2007

You've Bought Art! 20 x 200 by Jen Bekman


The ever wonderful project of the month has to be Jen Bekman's 20 x 200 site. Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 2pm Eastern Time, new art is put up for sale here.

Here's the deal. There are three options for three different print sizes.

Size 1: 8.5 x 11 inches - 200 in the edition - $20 each.
Size 2: 13 x 19 inches - 20 in the edition - $200 each.
Size 3: 30 x 40 inches - 2 in the edition - $2,000 each.

You can purchase it all off the web while supplies last. No inside connections, gallery bs, etc.

The impossible has been made possible.
I know I'm still impossible though - and soon will have a print to prove it.
Now all we have to work on is the costly framing process....

September 12, 2007

Jens Lekman Rocks My World - Postcard Folk

Usually played with a guitar, but due to technical difficulties, he had to substitute...and what a substitute it is on this absolutely wonderful track about his friend, Nina and a disastrous dinner.

I've been really into good lyrics this summer and have giggled so much due to "Flight of the Conchords." Glen turned me onto the Swedish singer Jen Lekman today and I spent part of the afternoon driving around town shouting, "Don't let anyone stand in your way" as I felt the spirit of Jonathan Richman invade the moment.

The lyrics are downright spot on and incredibly funny throughout the whole album, but this one song is a stunner. "Oh God, what have I done? I came to Berlin to have fun. It turned out to be Buffalo 66 and your father is wearing a big crucifix...."

This is one of those postcard songs that can end a night and make you a fan of the artist. Can't wait to see this live. I can feel the moment just listening to the song and it's damn exciting. Jens Lekman, you rock my world September 11, 2007.

And I just found you're coming to the Troubadour in exactly 1 month and 30 days time. The countdown begins...


September 10, 2007

You Bring Light In - The 4 Most Beautiful Words of 2007

Moment of the summer had to be but a few hours ago when Underworld dropped "Two Months Off" at the Hollywood Bowl. With thousands of people shouting, "You bring light in!" it felt religious. Underworld is but one of the few electronic bands possessed by an innate humanism and it was there on stage last night. Besides, being a sucker for long intricate breakdowns, OS was converted into jumping and shouting, amongst friends old and new. What a delightful Sunday.

If you missed it, you can sing along with multiple versions including these live ones:

Old school live

For the purists:

September 06, 2007

Drawn with Lines

Objetsmart's friend Ines had a thing for art with lines. They both agreed that this video was too cool not to share.


Can't Wait to See Control

I love my Joy Division, so obviously am stoked to see this end of the month.

September 05, 2007

Eclectic Method Does FOTC

That's awesome Jermaine!

September 04, 2007

Men Want Hot Women Study Confirms

Headline of the Weak!
Men Want Hot Women, Study Confirms has to be the most ridiculous thing I've read all day.