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Daft Kanye Tribute Videos - 6X Speed! Hands

When I was 9 years old, I was in charge of the family car radio. I only listened to one station and that was 102.7 KIIS, KISS FM, a Los Angeles Top 40 station best known for having Rick Dees in the Morning. My soft spot for bad 80s pop goes back to these years and until recently, just stopping the dial on Kiss FM made me cringe.

But something funny happened recently. My car got stolen and then returned. But when returned, there was no CD player and I found myself one day, flipping stations and stopped at a song I liked. I looked down at the dial and it was 102.7.

I laughed for about 5 minutes and realized that everything comes full circle.

Though I have to admit I'm still a little embarrassed I really like this song.

But I LOVE this even more. Who is going to be this for Halloween? (I may just have to if we don't come up with a group costume, but then I'd have to learn the routine...)

But now it's gone meta and there's some very silly group performances. This one made me giggle.

And there's even a speed test. Six times!


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