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The Unfortunate Foot Episode - View 1

A few minutes ago, while editing my daily work blog, I was scouting hotel videos. I wound up on a stream of a paparazzo, and curious decided to check his latest video. He had just uploaded something 3 minutes before.

It was entitled - "The Unfortunate Foot Episode." T and I wound up being the first people on youtube to watch Britney Spears run over a cameraman in her white Merc exiting a medical building.

Did this just happen? Who knows? It could have happened weeks ago, I don't follow these things, but one thing is certain - I doubt we'll be the last people to watch it. I can't remember ever viewing a video with 0 hits. And I wonder, how much interest does the public have in this drivel?

I'm going to embed this video and find out. Then pull it down and publish the results of our fascination with something I find pretty repulsive and utterly ridiculous. Though I have to admit it's entirely addicting.

There were 0 views at 10:06 pm PST on October 18, 2007.


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