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November 30, 2007

Objetsmart's Ozu Tribute Video

Words often fail me when it comes to the cinema of Ozu. Perhaps this is why I was so excited to find this piece while searching for something else...

November 23, 2007

A Bizarre Take on Film Piracy

I'm unsure how I feel about this new film commissioned for the upcoming Cairo International Film Festival, but technically, it was interesting enough that I'm putting it up here. Your thoughts?

November 21, 2007

Happy Wednesday - From Seymour & Ballon


Seymour loves this song as do I. If you're interested in the adventures of Lola and Seymour, check out their latest escapades here.

Jamaica To Toronto: Soul Funk & Reggae 1967-1974Jo-Jo And The Fugitives
"Chips - Chicken - Banana Split" (mp3)
from "Jamaica To Toronto: Soul Funk & Reggae 1967-1974"
(Light In The Attic)

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Hot Chip Lullabies

I love this song so very much and as a devotee to video with feet taking center stage, this user-generated factory scene has some delightful moments. Only 24 views so far - so perhaps I may be one of the few...or maybe I'm just a big Hot Chip junkie.

Objetsmart Music: Tony "Anthony" Allen

The center highlight of my working odyssey in the music industry occurred in a short email. I received it one day while returning from lunch. It was from the label's accountant and often receptionist. For weeks, I had been writing charming notes to my favorite producers around the world, doing A&R ambassador work for a remix record of a local artist. My charm and writing skills were put to full effect. One of the craziest suggestions that my boss approved was to allow me to approach Tony Allen, the legendary Nigerian drummer. So much of Fela Kuti's legendary sound stems from Tony Allen's polyrhythmic jamming and it's been said that listening to him drum is like hearing five drummers at once. I would argue, it's like hearing six. So I tracked him down through the worldwide family and wrote him a short email. I didn't expect any response. Yet one day, I came back from lunch one day to receive a message that said, "A man from France named Anthony Allen called for you." The accountant had no idea who it was and I walked around the office in glee the rest of the afternoon, reveling in the fact that my favorite drummer in the world had actually called me from France and totally pissed off that I wasn't there to get the call. Tony was traveling and didn't leave his number, but this pretty much made my year. Hell, I think it made my musical life. I took out all my Tony Allen records and listened to them for about a month after and marveled at how wonderful his music was, how blessed we are that technology allows us to record it and how my life has been changed in positive ways just hearing his music, which has always been a steady soundtrack in the often lonely writer's life.

Last year, my friend Heather recounted stories of how playing tennis was effective in relieving people suffering with post-traumatic stress as certain brain waves are activated when concentrating on keeping one's eye on the ball. I was thinking about this tonight driving in gridlock traffic that I believe in her theory, but also wanted to add that I believe polyrhythmic music accomplishes a similar goal with one's ears. There may be little scientific evidence to back me up, but I can attest to its power of greatness in transcending moods and the often brutality of modern life. With that said, Thanksgiving is upon us and I want to give thanks to the musicians around the world for sharing their talents with all of us. Your songs and beats make the world a much better place.

So for Thanksgiving, here's a little Tony for you...

Afro Disco BeatTony Allen
"Jealousy" (mp3)
from "Afro Disco Beat"
(Vampi Soul / Light In The Attic)

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November 16, 2007

Lola and Seymour's Big Adventure


Let's face it. As Shirley Bassey once sang, "History repeating." At certain points in my life, I find myself really unable to write the things I want to, because I have to write for work. I know this is not something to complain about, as it's very rare to actually be able to support yourself doing something you love. That said, sometimes I just really don't want to read or write, I just want to play, take pictures and stumble in the process of making art. This is especially true when I'm grappling with matters of the heart. The first time this occurred in 2001, I spent months sewing together record sleeves to try and make sense of the fact that I was in love with someone that lived 6,000 miles away and only thought of me as a friend. There was something soothing about quilting cardboard. It seemed perfect for a woman with the domain of recordgirl.com. The second time this happened in 2004, I began shooting pictures of trash and the art created from these remains. I fear this is my third trip in unrequited love territory, and I have been finding imagining a chickenpants world a comforting way to ease my latest rejection. And while I'm really kind of sad about it, I like making laughter out of tears and truthfully, I've been having a blast making up stories about them. Even if my heart still hurts.

Check it out on the flickstream....

November 13, 2007

Meet Lola and Seymour Chickenpants


Meet Lola and Seymour Chickenpants, born November 12, 2007. Discovered on flickr, acquired using etsy, these are my technological toys, please welcome my courageous chickens! There will be chicken stories very very soon....

59 Days and It Didn't Disappoint - Jens Lekman Live

After 59 days and countless listens, I got to experience the Swedish singer/songwriter Jens Lekman live. It didn't disappoint. Playing with an almost all-female band with string and horn section, clad in surgical white, it was a magical night. Have a look.

Covering Paul Simon...

My favorite part of my favorite song.

And Jens always reminded me of my old friend, Erlend...good to see that they've been playing together...covering Paul!

November 12, 2007

The Zoltar Films and the Zoltar Challenge

My mother used to have a red t-shirt when I was a child. It stated, "All I Really Want To Do Is Direct."
Sometimes I must admit I am my mother's daughter.

Today, I got inspired. Here's the first short in a new series I am curating, entitled, "The Zoltar Films." For all of you Zoltarians around the world, let's start sharing our fortunes...

Here's the rules:

A one shot film no editing.
You must incorporate a shot of a Zoltar machine and hear him recite a fortune.

Send me your films! May the best fortune win...something wonderful...(I have to figure out what)

November 01, 2007

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

Join the wolfing clan...this ain't no dick in a box, the 2007 overboxed Halloween costume of the year, but I've always been fond of "boys becoming men/men becoming wolves..."



Thanks T!

Must Love Ebay - $50 bucks and Sharon Jones

According to Youtube, this sassy and super funky Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings video was made using 2 vintage TV cameras bought on Ebay..and it looks pretty fabulous, making it a true objetsmart. I reckon in order for something to be authentically OS, there are some budgetary constraints. Wonder needs to occur out of little means and this is sweet...

Though you could make a video of my cameraphone using SJ&TDK and it would be incredible as they are just on fire...funky soul for any season...


November Arrives

Look up in the sky. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Magritte's!