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Lola and Seymour's Big Adventure


Let's face it. As Shirley Bassey once sang, "History repeating." At certain points in my life, I find myself really unable to write the things I want to, because I have to write for work. I know this is not something to complain about, as it's very rare to actually be able to support yourself doing something you love. That said, sometimes I just really don't want to read or write, I just want to play, take pictures and stumble in the process of making art. This is especially true when I'm grappling with matters of the heart. The first time this occurred in 2001, I spent months sewing together record sleeves to try and make sense of the fact that I was in love with someone that lived 6,000 miles away and only thought of me as a friend. There was something soothing about quilting cardboard. It seemed perfect for a woman with the domain of recordgirl.com. The second time this happened in 2004, I began shooting pictures of trash and the art created from these remains. I fear this is my third trip in unrequited love territory, and I have been finding imagining a chickenpants world a comforting way to ease my latest rejection. And while I'm really kind of sad about it, I like making laughter out of tears and truthfully, I've been having a blast making up stories about them. Even if my heart still hurts.

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