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December 23, 2007

I'm Running With A Hearts on Fire

I'm always searching for those moments of thrill. A long time ago, I discovered I could easily find them with music.

I shared some footage from the phenomenal Jens Lekman show T and I saw last month, but didn't find all my video until tonight. The last song of the night, Jens was in the zone, plowing through his music, completely and utterly possessed, changing the lyrics, creating an amended chorus. It's these moments standing on the right side of the stage that has always made me understand what compels musicians to endure the hell of touring, because nothing can replicate the chemistry in that moment of fusion. These instances often seem like the rare validation in an ever growing difficult and frustrating field and because of that, the detective in me seeks them. Yet it's not often that I'm able to capture them when they're happening live. Nor do I really want to - because if you spend too much energy searching for them, you completely lose your eye, your ear and the plot.

But every so often, the magic moment is such an overpowering occurrence that the camera has to emerge to record - to prove your theory - that words don't suffice to recount the fire of the performance.

These 20 seconds raised both my left and right arm hair at the time and I lost my breath. A month later, I was brought me back to why I believe in the awesome force of music. I had stopped recording before the end of the song so I could sing along and watching it now, I believe I made the right choice as I can't help but singing even as the video ends. And it's moments like this that are just one of the many reasons why some musicians blow me away. The show reinforced the notion that standing on the right side of the stage at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA is my perch of choice. The right side is a landing of sorts for melodic blessings, my home away from home since I was 14 years old. In this transitory city of incessant remodel, where nothing may ever remain constant, a fleeting chorus by a young singer from Sweden named Jens remains permanently affixed to my musical record.

Joe Does It Double Time & Magnificent Seven Redux

Saturday night.Sunday morning. The heating has gone off in my house and it's freezing. I find myself listening to the Clash and one of my all-time loves, "The Magnificent Seven." A live version on the Tom Snyder show. I kept meaning to share this, but kept forgetting...

Some thoughts:

Gotta love the delay on "New York!"

What have we got?

Having a renaissance with this song 20 years after I first fell in love with it. Incredible. Joe's losing his voice as the song goes on - but that last minute of the song is some of the best video I've ever seen of the Clash live. The tension, the musicianship, the drama! Simply some magic happening...had to share.

Couldn't resist this...

And then you can't do that, without where it all began. And if you know, you understand it all eventually returns to Mr. Kurosawa.

All I Want for the Holidays Is Panda Bear

I was thrilled to find that a record I've been meaning to check out - as it was no. 1 on Demby's list of favored albums of 2007 - was actually on promonet, which means you can legally download it. Just the first song I've heard (which you, my kind readers can download below) is epic space pop. It's the new solo record from Noah of the Animal Collective and it's ambitious stuff.

Oh, this track makes me sing my beloved Beach Boys' - "Sloop John B" and "I Know There's An Answer..." songs for strolling along the coast soaking in the indignant transience of early morning on the West Coast. Special stuff. Always a treat to discover something new from an old friend. Thanks Eric!

Person PitchPanda Bear
"Comfy In Nautica" (mp3)
from "Person Pitch"
(Paw Tracks)

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December 18, 2007

Arthur Baker Remixes Joy Division

I was looking for an Arthur Russell track called "In the Light of the Miracle" for an Ines flickr entry, but instead typed in Arthur Baker instead. It was 6:30am, what's a girl to do?

Immediately I came across something I had never seen, that piqued my interest, that made my heart undulate, that changed the early sunrise mood and I sit here watching the light come through my room, thinking that the best word in the Joy Division lyrics of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" simply is again.

To Again.

Beirut's "A Sunday Smile"

It speaks to my heart, it speaks for itself, it speaks loads about the power of music. Beirut Beirut Beirut.

The Flying Club CupBeirut
"A Sunday Smile" (mp3)
from "The Flying Club Cup"
(Ba Da Bing!)

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December 17, 2007

Pom Pom Animation to Lemon Jelly

I was looking for video for this Lemon Jelly track; instead I discovered this piece, done by a 20 year old student in Brighton. A true crafty narrative...perhaps the beginning of Etsy video!

And another piece, continuing my shoe obsession....

December 14, 2007

Ring Ring It's Orlando Julius!

One of my favorite anthems of all-time is an Afro disco track entitled, "Disco Hi-Life" by Orlando Julius, the Nigerian singer/bandleader. I discovered it on a compilation seven or eight years ago and played it to death when I lived in London. It's definitely in at least one soundtrack to a future film.

Super thrilled that my favorite crew of American music heads have picked up the Orlando Julius recordings on this double disc that I need to get my hands on. Kindly enough, they've released this mp3 - funky man! I have a couple wonderful Orlando stories to tell - including the joy of getting a phone call one day from the man himself some years ago. But I'll save that for another time. Let the music speak for itself. So funky, so fantastic on and off the dance floor, I hope that someday I finally get to see my afro-disco hero live.

It would be a dream.

Super Afro SoulOrlando Julius
"James Brown Ride On" (mp3)
from "Super Afro Soul"
(Vampi Soul / Light In The Attic)

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Surfing USA

We went up to Topanga last week on the biggest surf day of the year...I took some pictures, but just remembered I had shot a little video too. Enjoy!

My Heart Is Bruised but I Still Got Soul

"Bite your lip and take a trip!" has always been one of my favorite soul mantras, on headphones and studio monitors. Curtis, Curtis, Curtis.

Yes, my heart is bruised, and I have been moping all day, again remembering the importance of music in transcending mood, especially good old fashioned soul.

Even when I feel troddled on , one thing is sure: great soul music is religious. It makes everything about life better. I wouldn't be here without Issac and Curtis, Marvin and Stevie. This song is and always has been one of those beloved masterpieces with its converging funk symphony and Curtis crooning, "Move on up!" in time to the horns.

"Just move on up! Move on up!" Nothing sounds better when you're down.


Future ShockCurtis Mayfield
"Move on Up" (mp3)
from "Future Shock"

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December 13, 2007

And You May Find Yourself

December 12, 2007

Another Film About Feet - Avant-Garde Stylee

Y'll know I like my cinema of abstract feet.

Here's another piece for the genre.

I Heart Black Moth Super Rainbow 2

Oh yummy, they just released some re-issues to make my Wednesday delicious. Hope it makes yours delectable.

Falling Through A Field (Reissue)Black Moth Super Rainbow
"Letter People Show" (mp3)
from "Falling Through A Field (Reissue)"
(Graveface Records)

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December 08, 2007

Objetsmart's New Favorites: Black Moth Super Rainbow. I Think It Is Beautiful You are 256 Colors Too.

Some music it's so easy to understand, you don't even need to try.
We incessantly discuss differentiation between the mediocre and the extraordinary, but none of us can ever come to much of a concrete conclusion. Perhaps we all still believe in magic. Constructing beats and crafting sentences are no different, except for beats make me jiggle more often than a well-placed colon. But there's still something supernatural when you read a great writer for the first time, or hear the sparkles of a fresh talent. It's magic. Even as we grow up and often think of art in scientific automated terms, every once in a while, a piece arrives that makes you temporarily stop and be reminded that you haven't yet lost all your faith.
Black Moth Super Rainbow reminds me that.

Start A People (expanded edition)Black Moth Super Rainbow
"I Think It Is Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too" (mp3)
from "Start A People (expanded edition)"
(Graveface Records)

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Objetsmart's Lost Favorites: Tu M'Intrigues

Always loved it, always will. How can you not admire a song entitled, "You Intrigue Me?"
One of my favorite tracks when I'm making turns fast.
I find myself liking it so much I've often discovered I'm driving in circles.

Cliquety KliqkGeneral Elektriks
"Tu M'intrigues" (mp3)
from "Cliquety Kliqk"
(Quannum Projects)

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December 06, 2007

Objetsmart Salutes Chuck Close on Ibot.

Now, this is an artist home movie I want to watch on repeat.

It's not often that an artist can address and transcend an accident with a mere video, but painter Chuck Close in 60+ seconds accomplishes this in a short of him on his Ibot around his studio. It's refreshing to see such a candid glimpse in an artist's world. While you can listen and watch his many interviews, sometimes it's more revealing to see someone move around their studio bravely interacting with his creations.

The Super Film Soundtrack Track - Burial

It's my friend Cez's birthday and in thanks for all of his musical inspiration, I'm going to share an mp3 of an artist he was the first to point out to me a few weeks back. You should check out his mixes - they're fantastic...

For me, the discovery of music has always been like sharing secrets that eventually if so juicy, everyone learns. Burial, with its dark deep dub, is like a mutated virus. I'm going to have to track down some videos, though I'm afraid I will discover films of death and destruction before actually finding a proper video.

"Ghost Hardware" (mp3)
from "Untrue"

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