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All I Want for the Holidays Is Panda Bear

I was thrilled to find that a record I've been meaning to check out - as it was no. 1 on Demby's list of favored albums of 2007 - was actually on promonet, which means you can legally download it. Just the first song I've heard (which you, my kind readers can download below) is epic space pop. It's the new solo record from Noah of the Animal Collective and it's ambitious stuff.

Oh, this track makes me sing my beloved Beach Boys' - "Sloop John B" and "I Know There's An Answer..." songs for strolling along the coast soaking in the indignant transience of early morning on the West Coast. Special stuff. Always a treat to discover something new from an old friend. Thanks Eric!

Person PitchPanda Bear
"Comfy In Nautica" (mp3)
from "Person Pitch"
(Paw Tracks)

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