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I'm Running With A Hearts on Fire

I'm always searching for those moments of thrill. A long time ago, I discovered I could easily find them with music.

I shared some footage from the phenomenal Jens Lekman show T and I saw last month, but didn't find all my video until tonight. The last song of the night, Jens was in the zone, plowing through his music, completely and utterly possessed, changing the lyrics, creating an amended chorus. It's these moments standing on the right side of the stage that has always made me understand what compels musicians to endure the hell of touring, because nothing can replicate the chemistry in that moment of fusion. These instances often seem like the rare validation in an ever growing difficult and frustrating field and because of that, the detective in me seeks them. Yet it's not often that I'm able to capture them when they're happening live. Nor do I really want to - because if you spend too much energy searching for them, you completely lose your eye, your ear and the plot.

But every so often, the magic moment is such an overpowering occurrence that the camera has to emerge to record - to prove your theory - that words don't suffice to recount the fire of the performance.

These 20 seconds raised both my left and right arm hair at the time and I lost my breath. A month later, I was brought me back to why I believe in the awesome force of music. I had stopped recording before the end of the song so I could sing along and watching it now, I believe I made the right choice as I can't help but singing even as the video ends. And it's moments like this that are just one of the many reasons why some musicians blow me away. The show reinforced the notion that standing on the right side of the stage at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA is my perch of choice. The right side is a landing of sorts for melodic blessings, my home away from home since I was 14 years old. In this transitory city of incessant remodel, where nothing may ever remain constant, a fleeting chorus by a young singer from Sweden named Jens remains permanently affixed to my musical record.


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