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Joe Does It Double Time & Magnificent Seven Redux

Saturday night.Sunday morning. The heating has gone off in my house and it's freezing. I find myself listening to the Clash and one of my all-time loves, "The Magnificent Seven." A live version on the Tom Snyder show. I kept meaning to share this, but kept forgetting...

Some thoughts:

Gotta love the delay on "New York!"

What have we got?

Having a renaissance with this song 20 years after I first fell in love with it. Incredible. Joe's losing his voice as the song goes on - but that last minute of the song is some of the best video I've ever seen of the Clash live. The tension, the musicianship, the drama! Simply some magic happening...had to share.

Couldn't resist this...

And then you can't do that, without where it all began. And if you know, you understand it all eventually returns to Mr. Kurosawa.


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