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My Heart Is Bruised but I Still Got Soul

"Bite your lip and take a trip!" has always been one of my favorite soul mantras, on headphones and studio monitors. Curtis, Curtis, Curtis.

Yes, my heart is bruised, and I have been moping all day, again remembering the importance of music in transcending mood, especially good old fashioned soul.

Even when I feel troddled on , one thing is sure: great soul music is religious. It makes everything about life better. I wouldn't be here without Issac and Curtis, Marvin and Stevie. This song is and always has been one of those beloved masterpieces with its converging funk symphony and Curtis crooning, "Move on up!" in time to the horns.

"Just move on up! Move on up!" Nothing sounds better when you're down.


Future ShockCurtis Mayfield
"Move on Up" (mp3)
from "Future Shock"

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