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Objetsmart's New Favorites: Black Moth Super Rainbow. I Think It Is Beautiful You are 256 Colors Too.

Some music it's so easy to understand, you don't even need to try.
We incessantly discuss differentiation between the mediocre and the extraordinary, but none of us can ever come to much of a concrete conclusion. Perhaps we all still believe in magic. Constructing beats and crafting sentences are no different, except for beats make me jiggle more often than a well-placed colon. But there's still something supernatural when you read a great writer for the first time, or hear the sparkles of a fresh talent. It's magic. Even as we grow up and often think of art in scientific automated terms, every once in a while, a piece arrives that makes you temporarily stop and be reminded that you haven't yet lost all your faith.
Black Moth Super Rainbow reminds me that.

Start A People (expanded edition)Black Moth Super Rainbow
"I Think It Is Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too" (mp3)
from "Start A People (expanded edition)"
(Graveface Records)

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