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Ring Ring It's Orlando Julius!

One of my favorite anthems of all-time is an Afro disco track entitled, "Disco Hi-Life" by Orlando Julius, the Nigerian singer/bandleader. I discovered it on a compilation seven or eight years ago and played it to death when I lived in London. It's definitely in at least one soundtrack to a future film.

Super thrilled that my favorite crew of American music heads have picked up the Orlando Julius recordings on this double disc that I need to get my hands on. Kindly enough, they've released this mp3 - funky man! I have a couple wonderful Orlando stories to tell - including the joy of getting a phone call one day from the man himself some years ago. But I'll save that for another time. Let the music speak for itself. So funky, so fantastic on and off the dance floor, I hope that someday I finally get to see my afro-disco hero live.

It would be a dream.

Super Afro SoulOrlando Julius
"James Brown Ride On" (mp3)
from "Super Afro Soul"
(Vampi Soul / Light In The Attic)

Buy at iTunes Music Store


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