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Objetsmart Endings

I was thinking about film endings that change your life this week. A broad subject that needs time and contemplation to properly discuss. But while looking up clips of my favorite endings, I came across this, one of my essentials. And just watching it now, about 75 seconds in, I began to cry. No matter how many times I've seen this ending, and it would take both hands to count, I always cry watching this. And it happened again. I guess that's really the test to define beloved.


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hey c, i have to agree with you on this one. this too is one of my all-time film favourite endings.

about this ending, i once wrote: "caught up in a cultural circus that is devoid of depth, he has come so far away from what he once aspired to be, socializing with people that he despises and barely relates to; by the film’s conclusion, betrayed by his cowardly mistakes and let down by his own lack of resolve, he sets out to ruin himself by destroying his social network, but he even fails at that, succeeding only in making an ass of himself. he then finds himself at the beach, staring across an imposing divide in the sand towards a symbol of his youth and the ambitions and values that he once held dear; and even so, he cannot recognize its meaning nor its significance. he shrugs and walks away. i don’t want to become that."

it was posted on my own blog, back in july 2007.

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