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May 22, 2008

Objetsmart Hearts UGC Cut Copy Videos

Big, wide objetsmile!

May 21, 2008

The Cinema of James Joyce (avec Beckett)

Here's some latest delights I've dug up straight from the heart of youtube.

#1 A short film featuring Irish scribes Samuel Beckett and James Joyce doing what they normally didn't do best: playing golf.

#2 James Joyce's Neon Escapades
A hilarious stream of consciousness neon stylized film about Joyce's own decadent desires and delusions in 1922.

May 18, 2008

Paparazzi & Love Affair

1 paparazzi video
1 Hercules & Love Affair song
Mix together and get a hilarious video.

Hercules & Love Affair - I'm Not the Only One Obsessed

Single shot H&LA video of my favorite song of May. So simple, so much possibility.

May 12, 2008

A Fela Monday

Recently, I've moved my desk into the dining room to be closer to my records and naturally, my Fela Kuti boxed sets. The dining room, or whatever one desires to call the nook between the living room and kitchen, seems like a suitable center of gravity for my little house and I like the fact that it's sunny yet private. I have windows on three sides, but a wall on the left from behind where I write. My turntables sit on an old wooden desk we found on the street and a mid-century cherry cabinet turned sideways. All thanks to Mr. Rae who concocted the set-up when he was staying with me a few years back. While it's been moved a number of times and I finally replaced my studio monitors, much of my setup remains the same. Excellent needles, trusty MK-2's bought from a foreign exchange student a decade ago, an inherited mixer. There's something very soothing to me spending my afternoons writing and listening to Fela.

Always has been, always will.

But perhaps what has recently been thrilling is the discovery of the excellent new Tom McCarthy film, "The Visitor" and its 2 minute Fela montage, simply cinema at its most joyous. While I can't clip that, I offer you this: a title sequence project on the man whose music is the inspiration for so many of my words, then, now and always.

Novel Sequences

In the process of working on the storyboard for my novel, I collect ephemera for my characters. Back in the pre-digital age, I used to acquire club flyers and records, but now I find myself saving videos.

This one perfectly describes the character known as Joystick, who I am now convinced can be described as a teenage Paul Weller.