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Amazing Voice, Sailor's Mouth

Some videos are too good to forget. This was going up on the site this morning until I listened to the last few seconds of the song when she spoke. Some things are non-negotiable in my book with work. No cursing youtube videos. But when it comes to play, have a listen os readers. This is a simply vibrant cover of the classic Percy Mayfield written/Ray Charles performed track.

I love the wiki entry on it - in regards to its almost cultural use: "The song is often played during sporting events when a player from the visiting team is forced to leave the game, such as an ice hockey player sent to the penalty box, a basketball player fouling out, or a player being ejected from the game. It may also be played near the end of the game, when the home team appears likely to win."

Or I add, when you kick someone named Jack out of your life.


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