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Space is the Place

I'm not referring to the Sun Ra film, but rather that Virgin Galactic is about to unveil their latest travel contraption (their "spaceship") and there's a contest to enter if you're an Elevate member. Lucky for me, I am!

"On July 28th, one lucky Elevate member will be flown to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) where they'll be whisked away with other VIPs to this once-in-a-lifetime world premier in the Mojave Desert. Aboard the newest member of Virgin America's fleet, "My Other Ride Is a Spaceship", one Elevate member will take a historic trip linking one of the most innovative, fuel-efficient aircraft flying today with the very future of government and commercial aerospace."

All one needs to do is write in 50 words or less what would be the first thing you would do in weightlessness.

While I didn't say I would do spins, that sure looks pretty fun!

And below is the Sun Ra film, I could not resist.


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