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January 01, 2009

The End of 2008 Merits A Filmic Ending

6:!5pm, New Year's Eve. I sit here in San Francisco at Maz and Cez's, 10 years to the night we all met in London, preparing for a big night out. But before I do, I felt like writing a little note, a final entry in a year of few posts.

It's been one of those years where I've thought a lot about the meaning of objetsmart, but in the process of working on my photonovel, as well as multiple projects, I've spent little time creating content for objetsmart.

When I first created this blog in January 2007, it was my secret vice, a way to transcend work I found unsatisfying, an escape from reality. Several months after this began, I got a job I love, which involved blogging, and hence, my desire and need to create interactive content has gone into my work. Subsequently, I know, I don't update this enough and when I do, don't often say much with my posts.

That said, I enjoy keeping objetsmart, because it helps remind me that if you want to create something in life, you can't wait for others to pay you to do it. You have to begin yourself. You have to make that first move. As a child, I remember watching "The Red Balloon" in the living room of my parent's house over and over and as an adult, I wondered why I adored the character Pascal so much and why of any character in film, it was little Pascal Lamorrisse that has been my life-long hero. I think I've always admired this character for taking this red balloon that catches his eye and running with it. While his friendship, care and allegiance for this shiny piece of red mylar interferes with the world he lives in, it simultaneously transcends the difficulties of his life too. It's a story I've always related to, and one I think I always will, no matter how old I become.

While this site looks the same as it did some time ago, it still is the story of a woman that looked around at the ephemera and objects she had collected in her travels that she knew were not always art, but she found rather smart, and wanted to begin explaining why. I don't think I have ever really written that down before here, so I figure after 200+ posts, I probably should.

So here's to good health and great fortune to all in 2009.
Enjoy the last moments of "Le Ballon Rouge" and have a fantastic New Year's Eve.