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February 17, 2009

Objetsmart - Manzoni Edition

No one in the office ever told me that those prints I had to donate years ago were the work of the original objetsmart artist, Piero Manzoni. If I had known, I would have lined up to have one. Here was a man that created the ultimate objetsmart, he weighed and canned his scatalogical matter into 90 pieces. The price - the same as the value of gold. This occurred in 1961. Have any of the cans been opened? One wonders.

But Manzoni's gold does make the original proof of objetsmart. Something valuable untouched, a numbered work of "art," even if it seems worthless to most. But it possesses value until used, when it is no longer an objet, when it ultimate transforms into its original state: something entirely disposable.

Cheers to this 2009 first piece of objetsmart.