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February 09, 2010

Le Ballon Rouge Redux

In past years, remixing or re-editing my favorite film of all-time, Albert Lamorisse's "Le Ballon Rouge" would have been heresy. It is perhaps one of the most beloved pieces of art in my life and has been since I was a child, when my mother used to screen a 16 millimeter print on our living room wall.

But the times are a changin' and sometimes it's interesting to see others re-interpret source material. Enjoy this edit of the film with a Jose Gonzalez soundtrack. Not until I watched this, did I realize how important the original score of the film was in setting the playful tone that permeates the work. By changing the score, the pace of the film alters and the initial moment of Pascal's discovery of the red balloon becomes even more monumental.

What do you think about this re-edit?