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Objetsmart Edible - SFMOMA edition


Blue Bottle Desserts, SFMOMA, Winter 2010

1 Jeff Koons hot chocolate & 1 Luc Tuymans parfait

The best objetsmarts are one-time only use. Blue Bottle Coffee, the notorious purveyors of bespoke caffeination, have created a series of desserts inspired by the SFMOMA's contemporary art collection. Sweets inspired by art...truly inventive.

To my delight, I've tasted Piet Mondrian cake, devoured a Katharina Fritsch poodle ice cream sandwich, snacked on Andy Warhol cracker jacks and now, have reveled in the combination of a Jeff Koons' white hot chocolate with marshmallows accompanied by a Luc Tuymans vanilla parfait...

What will be next? If only they had a Charles Ray tree, then I would happily indulge in some chocolate bark...



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