July 09, 2008

Music for Me, A Video for Another

Music is one of those yum tracks by Chemise. Video is for La Bouche.
The combination is quite funny, so off it's on.

May 21, 2008

The Cinema of James Joyce (avec Beckett)

Here's some latest delights I've dug up straight from the heart of youtube.

#1 A short film featuring Irish scribes Samuel Beckett and James Joyce doing what they normally didn't do best: playing golf.

#2 James Joyce's Neon Escapades
A hilarious stream of consciousness neon stylized film about Joyce's own decadent desires and delusions in 1922.

August 02, 2007

Exactly 1000 views


It's nice to see that there are exactly 1,000 people out there that have a similar sense of humour.


July 27, 2007

Westsider - Will the sequel be called Eastsider?

Curbed LA picked up on this Westside-centric flick on Youtube today.
From the Marina towers to the Westside bimbos, it was the guilty pleasure I needed just now. Enjoy!

January 31, 2007

Operation Imposing Law + Joke



Not Magritte related.

Last Thursday morning as I drove to work, I was listening to my morning NPR. On it, they were reporting that today in Baghdad Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki had vowed to crack down on sectarian violence in a new push simply entitled, "Operation Imposing Law."

Immediately, I laughed. Then I waited for someone to comment on the acronym of Operation Imposing Law. But no one did. I told a couple of people and then waited for the pundits to get vulture. NOTHING.  I looked through the papers, I waited for the comedians to go to task, and still almost a week later, I have heard nothing on the fact that the greatest euphemistic operation of recent time has been neglected. I've goggled it plus "joke." I even searched for it plus Jon Stewart. But why the silence?

Operation Imposing Law, OIL, this acronym is a mission that hopefully has gotten a chuckle from the grave of Joe Heller. It could be a great routine. Imagine - reporting back on the mission.

Well day one of OIL was the same as the last, slippery.

Back from the field, Operation Imposing Law was a total on, beyond then some and some more.

Because in the same way that there is no way to escape a Catch 22, there is no way to escape the fact that even when we don't want to talk about it, those two vowels and a consonant are always somewhere together when we're discussing what is happening out of sight and in mind.

Now back to our regularly scheduled art.