September 27, 2008

Back from the Dead - Database Fixed

While I take all blame for my itinerant blogging, for the past few weeks I've had to contend with a strangely broken database which rendered even logging into my site moot. But after a 90 minute support call with my service provider, we are back on board.

With a little schleping.

Check it out. Saw the preview of this the other night and think it's quite a strategic and ballsy way to get the Jew elders to vote. Because when your grandma gets called for a Republican push poll, wrong information can spread like a virus. (Everyone in my family has a big mouth it seems. Just hopefully the younger generations don't accidentally spread untruths.) I like the Great Schlep, because it's specifically targeting Jews in Florida. There's a lot of them and half of them I'm related to, and while many of them are life long Democrats, whenever a Republican mentions Israel, their eyes cloud over. Perhaps this will be help with the defrost.

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

March 03, 2008

Objetsmart Future SNL Skit - Is Your Child A Tagger?

mychildisatagger.jpgThe Wooster Collective discovered this off the city of Santa Ana website this weekend. I think this made my Monday.

I already see the SNL skit.

Tina Fey acting as an assaulting suburban mother of a future budding Banksy who we'll call Seymour, a mixed media prodigy of 8 years old. Kid walks into the kitchen one morning to find his mother raiding his backpack while holding a picture of "Is your Child a tagger?"

"Seymour, I'm a little concerned that you're starting to look like a tagger." She holds up a Molotow burner marker, upset. "You told me you needed these for school!"
"No, mom, I'm creating a modern representational stencil of YOU for your birthday! You know Crayolas suck."
"Seymour, you entirely fit every characteristic of the profile on this flyer. Can you tell me why you insist on dressing like a tagger every morning?"
"Mom, you always told me to dress like I want. Hoodies are comfy. Everyone wears jeans. Look at your Jack's..Does it look so strange? Why did you not care when I pretended to be LOL Cats last fall and wore a tail for a month? You told me - Seymour I love you, you're precocious!"
"That's...true...I just don't understand...but look here, the city council thinks you look like a tagger."
"Mom, don't you understand? I'm just trying to be myself."
Her husband looks up from his coffee smiling. He is mega-me - dressed in a larger version of his son's outfit.

Seymour manages to escape his mother's interrogation and makes it out of the house, with his very large backpack with a LOL Cats sticker. Then he gets to the end of his block where he runs into the entire crew, all identically clothed. "Ready to tag those city council member cars before creating a new costume?" a 4th grader asks.
"Yeah, we're going to have to choose something more clever..."
"Did you bribe your nanny to buy us some spray?" another named Michael asks.
"No, my dad did it!" Seymour boasts.
"You know it!" Around the corner, a crew of the kid's fathers skid around, Run DMC booming out their Toyotas on their own mission with bandannas over their faces.
"Your dad is way cool," Tommy tells Seymour.
In unison, the children all trigger their hoodies, raise their bandannas, and adjust their gloves. Tommy brings out a rainbow pens, Michael gets out a can of black spray and Seymour takes out a new stencil with the lettering, "Freedom of Scratch" as a tagger theme song begins to play.


For more of the fine print, check out the extended.

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October 19, 2007

Unfortunate Foot Incident Update 3

15 hours later, here's the count...

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September 04, 2007

Men Want Hot Women Study Confirms

Headline of the Weak!
Men Want Hot Women, Study Confirms has to be the most ridiculous thing I've read all day.

June 08, 2007

Marketing Mess of the Day. Billboard Blogging?

This is music journalism? Texting reviews from your LG phone? Please! Can't people put down technology and just listen to some music?

I don't know what's more offensive - the audition process or the pitcher in the Billboard shirt? If someone could text in her voice, it would be "like, oh my god, Valley Girl is so 1984 and like oh my god, that band is so rad!!!!"

I think I feel really ill and trust me, I haven't been drinking any Vitamin Energy drink today.


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May 19, 2007


The r key on my new computer has suddenly started acting up. Hence I find myself tying like I'm in some bad Monty Python skit. I need to be witing and suddenly it's quite impossible to wite vey well. I never knew this key would be such a vital pat of my witer's life. What is a wite without the lette r? if i pause and then wait a moment, sometimes the letter will wok. but most of the time, it simply does not. alas woe is me until tomoow. today my blog is eally going to be called objetsmat.