October 29, 2008

People in the Middle for Obama

Got an email from one of my friends who has been working on these spots. Commercials showing people in the middle and sharing their thoughts on the upcoming election. Worth a watch.

July 09, 2008

Space is the Place

I'm not referring to the Sun Ra film, but rather that Virgin Galactic is about to unveil their latest travel contraption (their "spaceship") and there's a contest to enter if you're an Elevate member. Lucky for me, I am!

"On July 28th, one lucky Elevate member will be flown to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) where they'll be whisked away with other VIPs to this once-in-a-lifetime world premier in the Mojave Desert. Aboard the newest member of Virgin America's fleet, "My Other Ride Is a Spaceship", one Elevate member will take a historic trip linking one of the most innovative, fuel-efficient aircraft flying today with the very future of government and commercial aerospace."

All one needs to do is write in 50 words or less what would be the first thing you would do in weightlessness.

While I didn't say I would do spins, that sure looks pretty fun!

And below is the Sun Ra film, I could not resist.

June 03, 2008

Adidas Originals does Theo

Pretty damn cool.

May 12, 2008

Novel Sequences

In the process of working on the storyboard for my novel, I collect ephemera for my characters. Back in the pre-digital age, I used to acquire club flyers and records, but now I find myself saving videos.

This one perfectly describes the character known as Joystick, who I am now convinced can be described as a teenage Paul Weller.

April 12, 2008

Scream Real Loud - the flickr pool

While I use youtube daily, I think my heart has skipped for flickr's new video features. It's as if the smart kids waited for the video hoopla to pass and then did it right. VIdeos can only be 90 seconds and are added to your flickstream. So there's a new context to this community that I find essential to my writing life. Suddenly it's as if all the silent glimpses into other's lives have sound and movement. Suddenly it's as if the wonderful world around me has come to a new life. Moving stuff. Here's another pool that I'm enjoying: the Scream Real Loud one. AHHH!!!

April 09, 2008

Flickr Video Arrives!

Today marked the launch of flickr video, which may just change all our digital lives (and alter the course of my novel)

Enjoy this one - I dig!

December 06, 2007

Objetsmart Salutes Chuck Close on Ibot.

Now, this is an artist home movie I want to watch on repeat.

It's not often that an artist can address and transcend an accident with a mere video, but painter Chuck Close in 60+ seconds accomplishes this in a short of him on his Ibot around his studio. It's refreshing to see such a candid glimpse in an artist's world. While you can listen and watch his many interviews, sometimes it's more revealing to see someone move around their studio bravely interacting with his creations.

October 26, 2007

Frida, Frida Kahlo - The New Biography

Frida Kahlo turns 100 this year, so in honor, a traveling centennial exhibit of her paintings opens today, first at Minneapolis' Walker Art Center before moving to Philadelphia and then later San Francisco. In honor of the traveling exhibit, here's another, very wonderful take on FK using those great dolls I dig so much...Celeste found this while writing her piece on the opening and while I decided not to use the video, I liked the piece so much it has found its way on here!

And here's a haunting video installation I found too.

I spend a lot of time digging for artist content like this on youtube, amongst other sites, and with Frida, there seems to be a bounty of fascinating stuff. This is encouraging as most of the time the art retrospectives are cheezy montage tributes set to bad music. I am feeling encouraged to dig deeper...

July 28, 2007

Le Ballon Rouge tributes

One of my favorite clips in cinema - why I love music, storytelling and film.

In Cannes this year, they debuted a "remake," but before it's released, let's check up on what other ballonisms are out there on the net.

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July 27, 2007

Biz Bennie

I've been working so hard all week I missed Biz Markie. But he's always close on the net. You must watch it to the end even if your windows break.

This one goes out to my oldest friend Erin on her almost birthday. Here's a song for you - redone, as you know I always like my remixes...



And for the purists, here's the original.

June 06, 2007

Olympic Logo Protest Films (2012) Saved by the....

Just a few days ago, the 2012 Olympic logo for the London Games was unveiled. And it sure was ugly.

What it reminds me of (in no particular order) -

1. A short man holding a machine gun in the shape of an arrow with six circles as his beard.

2. My bad attempt at origami in the 2nd grade.

3. What Play-Duh looks like after it has been used too many times.

4. A very uncomfortable and overpriced multi-colored chair that one would expect to find at a post-production facility waiting room.  

5. Someone playing guitar and blowing on a harmonica simultaneously. 

6. Aline says - NU RAVE.

7. Others say: SAVED BY THE BELL...haha. 

What does it remind you of? More on this developing story in the extended entry.  


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May 21, 2007

Hobbies in the HIlls

Yesterday, my friend Souris asked me what my favorite hobby was.

I have many, including this blog, but lately my main hobby has been walking. As I've just gotten a new phone, I've become quite fascinated by taking pictures on my walks. It's helping get me into the travel mind set for my new gig writing and it distracts me from the act of exercise, which I wish I enjoyed naturally more than I actually do.

So here are some photos from today's exploration of the hobby.

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