November 16, 2007

Lola and Seymour's Big Adventure


Let's face it. As Shirley Bassey once sang, "History repeating." At certain points in my life, I find myself really unable to write the things I want to, because I have to write for work. I know this is not something to complain about, as it's very rare to actually be able to support yourself doing something you love. That said, sometimes I just really don't want to read or write, I just want to play, take pictures and stumble in the process of making art. This is especially true when I'm grappling with matters of the heart. The first time this occurred in 2001, I spent months sewing together record sleeves to try and make sense of the fact that I was in love with someone that lived 6,000 miles away and only thought of me as a friend. There was something soothing about quilting cardboard. It seemed perfect for a woman with the domain of The second time this happened in 2004, I began shooting pictures of trash and the art created from these remains. I fear this is my third trip in unrequited love territory, and I have been finding imagining a chickenpants world a comforting way to ease my latest rejection. And while I'm really kind of sad about it, I like making laughter out of tears and truthfully, I've been having a blast making up stories about them. Even if my heart still hurts.

Check it out on the flickstream....

November 13, 2007

Meet Lola and Seymour Chickenpants


Meet Lola and Seymour Chickenpants, born November 12, 2007. Discovered on flickr, acquired using etsy, these are my technological toys, please welcome my courageous chickens! There will be chicken stories very very soon....

October 30, 2007

A Day in the Life of an MC Escher Drawing

A short for when you are contemplating the futility of life...enjoy!

October 27, 2007

Objetsmart's 2nd Boring Film: Tunnel Love

We were going through the tunnel, feeling very "Blade Runner" so I thought I'd give it a try and pressed record.

Though the soundtrack really should be this:

Peace OrchestraPeace Orchestra
"Shining" (mp3)
from "Peace Orchestra"
(G-Stone Recordings)

Buy at eMusic

October 05, 2007

There's Some Eames Elephants in LA

When I finally made my first and only visit to the Eames House several years ago, I found myself climbing up to the top hill overlooking a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and thinking to myself, "everything about this place is magic." While the house is enchanted, just being on the property feels like being on another planet, in a creative space of nature and design.

So I was pleased to discover upon watching Eames Demetrios' delightful short, "A Gathering of Elephants" that I'm not the only one that appreciates the vibe and the view. An essential and joyous celebration of animals let loose in the city of angels.

When I started objetsmart, this was the content I had in mind. But objets like these are few and far between. When they do happen, I rejoice. Cheers Eames!

August 24, 2007

Don't Be A Sycophant - But Make A Tribute Video

Someone that loves this song even more than I do made their own video of this Long Blondes track I first heard but an hour ago. I was driving though Venice, heart pounding after a workout when I heard the whisper, "People think I'm being perverse on purpose," and I began to laugh. And I fell in love. Hook, hook, hook.

"Fulwood Babylon" is absolutely catchy pop, and I love my ACP. This video for it is simple, and very self-reflexive and something done for absolutely no money. This always receives a big big big thumbs up.

For me, video has always been the democratic leveler of culture. This is the plot of evening culture when anyone can make their own video to their favorite song.

It is this simple inventiveness that i've been waiting for a long time.

People think I'm being perverse on purpose, people think I'm being perverse on purpose....

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July 28, 2007

"The Westing Game" Home Movies

If you know OS, this requires no explanation.

If you don't know OS, well perhaps now she's starting to get close to the beginning of the story she's been meaning to write.

July 20, 2007

Place Ocho on its Side...Paths From Walking (Mai Yamashita + Naoto Kobayashi


How do you make a path?

By repeatedly walking on it again and again and again, and then again and again.

The artists, Mai Yamashita and Naoto Kobayashi show how on their excellent site.

I love when installation videos get deep and universal and this is one of those works.

Click on "Infinity" and enter their magical world.

And yes, it's a lovely coincidence that the path transformed into objetsmart's favorite number. Because place it on its side and its a symbol meaning infinity...

Here's objetsmart's favorite song about her favorite number.

June 04, 2007

Fight the Sesame Power

The truly wonderful Boing Boing mentions the very funny "Do the Right Thing" video using Sesame Street characters currently tearing it up over at Youtube.

Worth watching just for hearing, "You Muppets just go lying about the street counting and adding up letters."  Grouch going off on Snuffy, and Count informing us that today's letters are "F and U."


May 31, 2007

How About The Other 11 Months?

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May 09, 2007

Lil' is Big - Higher Powers Love Hot Dogs?

lil bush family



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March 22, 2007

The Cinema of Mii mash

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